Throwback 2012 : CL

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Continuing our EOY: 2NE1 in 2012 retrospective series is the “Baddest Female,” CL. This year, 2NE1’s leader highlighted her more feminine side, while showcasing her strong ties to the fashion world. And on top of that, CL proved that yes, she can rock a parrot on stage.

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2013 : Happy Birthday Minzy!

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minzy(Image credit : 2NE1’s Official Facebook Page)

Happy Birthday Maknae!
Finally, she’s 19! (In Korea, 20)
Hoping for the best for her in years to come and have a blast, our MINZY!


Throwback 2012 : Dara

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Nicknamed “Fake Maknae” for her youthful looks, Sandara Park is up next in our End of Year (EOY): 2NE1 in 2012 retrospective series. Throughout last year, Dara showed us her sexy and sweet sides, while managing to remain her warmed-heart 4-D self. We also saw Dara become really comfortable in her own skin, both onstage and off. Despite the fact that 2NE1 only released one Japanese album in 2012, their “New Evolution” concert tour and Dara’s extensive CF promotions were keys for her to become more aware of her unique strengths.

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CL and Sung Shi Kyung to Collaborate at 2012 SBS Music Awards

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On December 26, a representative from Jellyfish Entertainment stated,

Sung Shi Kyung will perform with 2NE1’sCL at SBS Music Awards this year.”

This tidbit of news is creating much excitement to fans of both parties since Sung Shi Kyung makes all ladies swoon singing ballads with his smooth, velvety voice while CL is known to bring down the house with her booming charisma and unique rapping skills.

A production staff shared,

“We can’t reveal the details of their performance. However, it would be great if you could check for yourselves when the time comes.”

SBS Music Awards will be held on December 29 at Korea University’s Gymnasium. It will be broadcasted live starting at 8:45pm (KST).

Source: YGUnited

If you guys don’t know who Sung Shi Kyung is: he’s moreso of a ballad singer. He has an absolutely amazing voice.  I LOVE another song that he his in with another famous YG artist, PSY! He has the amazing voice in PSY’s “Passionate Goodbye”. Check it out below! And the rest of Psy’s album 😉

Park Bom: “Merry Christmas~~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆”

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Merry Christmas~~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Source: Bom‘s Twitter

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Great KPop Radio Station on iTunes!

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Hello everyone! I have been searching for a good radio station for kpop online and wherever for the longest time now, and I have finally found one that I love. It’s on iTunes and it’s called RADIO KPOP. In case none of you have ever used iTunes radio before, it’s really easy. Along your top panel you have; Songs Albums Artists Genres Playlists, and Radio. If you click on radio you’ll see a bunch of subcategories, choose international, and scroll down to RADIO KPOP. The description is in French but it just means All of the KPop Hits of the Moment.

Granted this isn’t exactly 2NE1 related news, but if you guys are anything like me, I love more than just 2NE1, including pretty much all of the other YG artists. This station plays all of them! I’ve heard songs from GD’s new album on here as well. Been listening for 3 hours straight now. Just figured I’d share this with you guys 🙂



And if you guys have any other stations that you just find amazing, let us know!

2NE1’s success in 2012 on YouTube

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Though we all know 2NE1‘s labelmate Psy is the ‘King of Youtube’, 2NE1‘s view count is nothing to hold your head over. Their iconic song of 2011 “I Am The Best” reached 60,000,000+ views on 12/12/2012.

Posted Image

Moreover, the girls’ 2012 hit song “I Love You” is ranked #10 on Youtube South Korea‘s list of most viewed videos of 2012, along with six other videos from YG Entertainment artists.

Posted Image

As of 12/13/2012 at 2PM PST, 2NE1 has over 900,000 Youtube Subscribers.

Congratulations to our fabulous foursome looking forward to 2013!

Source: 2NE1′s Official Youtube and enewsworld
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