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55 Responses to “Affiliate”

  1. bOm vs Dara nO.1 lOve:X:X:X:X:X:X:

  2. 2NE1 hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!
    the four of you are cute!!!!
    i know you can do more…
    god bless…:)

  3. 2ne1 ur really awesome.,.,hope visit philippines like what sunbae kim bum did.,.saranghae!!!


  4. …………HWAITING………..

  5. i believe that you can
    do much better than that..
    and i believe..that you can make new songs

    and i believe that nothings impossible
    when you work all together..

  6. hi 2ne1 my name is vanessa and my cousin gemmalyn cl what your favorite color me my favorite is yellow ilove you 2ne1

  7. yahooooooooooooo

  8. Hello hi im yannie the owner of 2ne1fanatics come and affiliates us this is the code thanks :

  9. of go my site :

  10. hi would u like to link exchange with just a text link will do 🙂

    i added your link in my blogroll.

  11. they are so very good,saranghae bom unnie

  12. can you tell me when are they performing again on stage

  13. hwaiitng 2ne1!
    cant wait foe the comeback

  14. i love CL
    yo yo yoh !!!
    annyeong haseyo black jacks

  15. i want to become an official blackjack(craving 4 it).. but then how?? huhu!!! help me! im from the philippines..
    and i am almost a 2-year fan of 2NE1!!

  16. i love 2ne1 !!!!!!!!!! i can dance fire well!!!!!!

  17. hello 2ne1 !!!!!!!!!! i am from cambodia! i am your fanclub !!! i can sing alot of ur song !

  18. can u email to me ?my email address is!!!!!!!!!!!please email to me

  19. LUV U MINZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Can we be affiliates?

  21. girls taste .. I’m President of SS501 fanclub here in Bolivia and I would love to add us to your site
    I leave on the link and everything ok


  22. do you still accept applications but no banners? I do not have a banner at the moment T.T

  23. We have taken a look at 2ne1 style here:

  24. Name of Blog: kpop color
    your Site’s URL:
    Description: new and old korean pics

  25. hwaiting …..
    if you have twitter please follow me

  26. I LUV 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Hi Jewels!
    Im Cassandra and i was wondering if you could write to me to my email bc i would like to ask some personal questions not only for me but about the YG.
    If you could please write back that would be great!
    I write to the YG all the time but no response, and i think you will be the closest to getting the true responses!
    Thank you Jewels so much and keep up with the great work!
    FIGHTING! ^^

  29. Hello,
    sorry to bother you …
    could you please help me … I’m Italian and I’m a fan of the 2NE1 ..
    I would like to put the second season of 2ne1tv in Italian , but I can not find a program to put subtitles … can you tell me what program you use?
    please I would like very much
    please help me

    sorry for my English just perfect

    my mail address in

  30. Hi! I emailed you months ago about affiliation and got no answer. has a lot of 2NE1 graphics. Banners, avys, and walls, up to 1920X1200 size! Please check it out, I would love to share these with blackjacks.

  31. I was going to call but thought this would be a better way to contact you.

    If you email to promote your product and are paying more than $20 per million
    check out this website http://www.lakeviewmails.come and see for yourself all the

  32. Blackjack’s 4eva….. 🙂

  33. love all member 2ne1 urs so cute

  34. i love 2ne1 so much
    and they are so cute

  35. I am so glad 2ne1 is safe! I am sad, though, that the debut will be delayed…. 😥

  36. I am so glad 2ne1 is safe! I am sad, though, that the debut will be delayed…. :'(. Poor Dara-unni got hurt too!!!

  37. wassup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i was wondering of 2ne1 has a concert this coming may in philippines , will if that is true i will really watch them . LOVE YOU DARA.. keep it up 2NE1

  39. hi po isa po ako sa ka grupo ng 2ne1 tigirls

  40. Witryna bardzo profesionalna, i co najlepsze bieżąca. Gry dla dzieci

  41. 2NE1 is officially back! Now, I can say that it’s the start of 2NE1 world domination… Go CL, Bom, Minzy and Dara! ♥♥♥

  42. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Just beautiful!!! Hope to meet you soon girls…

  44. we love 2NE1 For Ever!!!! woottt wooohhh

  45. NOLZA in MANILA please!!!!

  46. Hi blackjacks my name is Gunny and i recently did a remake of “hurt” by 2ne1
    hope u guys check it out and give me some feed back!

  47. URL:
    SITE NAME:✿ Ảяặb ξŁf wΘяŁժ ✿

  48. ❤ u 2ne1 all the way
    ur style rules the music world!
    damn good !! love dara minzy , cl and bommiee the cutest ! ❤

  49. hi….2ne1……i love your music…..

  50. 2ne1 will do a concert in Jakarta (Indonesia)??

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