Most lyrics are available as Hangul, romanized and English translation.

2009: First MiniAlbum
01   Fire
02   I Don’t Care
03   In The Club
04   Let’s Go Party
05   Pretty Boy
06   Stay Together
07   Lollipop ft. BigBang

2010: To Anyone
01   Can’t Nobody
02   Go Away
03   Clap Your Hands
04   I’m Busy
05   It Hurts
06   Love Is Ouch
07   You And I (Bom solo)
08   Please Don’t Go (CL & Minzy solo)
09   Kiss ft. CL (Dara solo)
10   Try To Follow Me
11   I Don’t Care (Reggae)
12   Can’t Nobody (English version)

2011: Second MiniAlbum
01   I Am The Best
02   Ugly
03   Lonely
04   Hate You
05   Don’t Cry (Bom solo)
06   Don’t Stop The Music

00    I Love You

The Leaders – GD, Teddy & CL
Hello – GD ft. Dara
Oh Yeah – GD & TOP ft. Bom
Having An Affair – GD, Park Myung Soo & Bom
What – YMGA ft. CL
Baby Boy – Lexy ft. Bom
We Belong Together – BigBang ft. Bom
Forever With You – BigBang ft. Bom
DJ – Uhm Jung Hwa ft. CL

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  2. Thanks for this i really Love it!!!

  3. thank you so much!.. you’re so fast in romanizing and translating!..^^..

  4. hello


  6. thaaaank you so much. ;D

  7. ..ur group is so cOoL..luv it!..more powers.eje

  8. hi sandara!
    we miss you here in PHILIPPINES
    hope you’ll have a tour here
    in the PHILIPPINES
    me and my sister loves you
    and my mom also
    hope to see you here
    Love You!
    God Bless!

  9. THANX. i love 2ne1 & Big Bang. Good luck to evryone

  10. hi sandi……i like wats happning to u…ive watch ur movies here in husband likes you…he even sings ur song…walang sbit…im happy for u keep itup..i wish u all the bst,,…and stay loving us….pilipinos…coz we love u

  11. I like park bom the best LOL

    • i also love park bom that’s why sana di nalang si anne ang bom dapat ako nalang kainis,,,,,di naman masyado kainis slight lang

  12. i luv your songs
    grave…….lalo na si dara

  13. i luv u 2ne1

  14. i luv ur songs….can 2ne1 visit the philippines and have a concert

  15. i luv u can you have a concert here please….
    i miss u dara

  16. i luv 1st dara, minzy, cl & bom

  17. i love also 2ne1 even im a pilipino

  18. i love 2ne1 also eventhough im a pilipino

  19. good joob sandara ang krung2x ng pinas

  20. hai sandara!
    we miss you performing here in the phillipines
    hope ypu 2ne gurls well have a concert here in cebu specialy.
    keep it up sandy!!
    opps! dara

  21. hello, dara, minzy,cl, bom we love you all

  22. hi dara,minzy,cl,bom we love you all

  23. hi

  24. go sandy!!!!!!!!!

    ang kyut teaga ng knta moo!!

    sna mrmi k png gwing knta!!

  25. this is what im looking for! thank you!

  26. i lik dara s she is beautiful plus pretty she goes well wit top bt m a fan of toobin…….luv u 2ne1….aza aza fighting…..

  27. I love all the lyrics.
    But I love Pretty Boy, Lollipop, and Kiss the most.

  28. i really love you 2ne1 . . . . halang hamniain BOHOL!
    CL you are so very beautiful! im your big fan here in BOHOL!
    BOM you are so very beautiful i like your outfit.
    DARA you are so cute…im your big fan in BOHOL!
    MINZY you are so cool! we love you 2ne1!!!

  29. …i love the song KISS Dara’s solo (ft. CL with Lee Min Ho!!!)..CL is beautiful there…..Dara is stunning with Min Ho!!!!

  30. i love 2ne1..!!
    minzy dara CL and bom..
    da best talaga.<3<3<3

  31. i love you 2ne1 group ladies




    park bom

    good luck……..

    i love all your songs

    may god bless you more songs

  32. annyeong.. sandy ahh….
    hehehehe.. keep up the good job there in korea.. by the way i really like your loveteam with gdragon…. kilig talaga… hehhehe ….

  33. 2ne1 really rocks….
    loves all… saranghamnida….

  34. 2ne1 song u rock nas pal na u mok cambodia group me svarkom bom sodon u big nas 😀

  35. i really like your songs 2ne1 Fighting!!

  36. I really really like your songs…..
    >> 2ne1 <<

  37. i really love this cute girls…

    they’re my inspiration

    bcoz i’m dancer here in phillipines..

    i love 2ne1

    i hate 2ne1 haters…

    Long Live 2ne1 and i love you min ji

  38. i really love this cute


    and i really want to

    see them in person..

    i hope you come and visit our country phillipines..

    and have a concert…

    i love you 2NE1

    i’m the NO.1 FAN OF MINZY…

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  40. So Thankkkkk

  41. pls post the lyrics of Please dont go!tNX!

  42. 2NE1!!!! Your the best

  43. Fantastic!

  44. I really love all the songs, they’re great

    I love 2NE1!!

  45. Minzy’s so great!!!

    She’s really good in dancing
    I hope I can see her dance in personal

  46. Love you 2ne1!!!!!

    they’re cool…I mean super cool!!!!!

  47. 2ne12ne1

  48. ……hey 2ne1 i luv ur songs specially the fire and i dont care please visit to philippines and have a viit to eat bulaga pls. or in mall of asia please visit us here in philippines i luv u 2ne1….im a boy and im 11 yrs. old now my b-day is july 6 1998 thank u….

  49. 2NE1…Your songs are great
    Hope you would visit the Phils. 2NE1!

  50. go bom , cl , dara , minzy you’re all cute i love to anyone or 2ne1

  51. i love 2ne1!!!!!!!!!

    love minji…

  52. i love 2ne1…… great! so many album! i hope i can meet you someday because youre my idol 2ne1 go!

  53. PARK BOM is the best among the girls of 2NE1
    more power to you guys….:)

  54. I wish 2NE1 would have a tour here in the philippines..
    they’re very popular here….

  55. PARK BOM
    Your really the best!
    I like you very much…..
    Wish you could visit here in the philippines with the other members of 2NE1….

  56. love 2ne1

  57. i l0V3 cL
    hop3 u enjoY ur career

  58. h! daRA miZz koH na uNg
    s0nG moH n iN oR ouT
    i hopE u comE and visit in our country

  59. h! daRa miZz koH na uNg
    s0nG moH n iN oR ouT
    i hopE u comE and visit in
    phil. sama moH n rin unG group moH

  60. sana punta dito ang 2ne1 sa pilipinas

    (nananawagan po ako sa mga producers poapuntahin niyo na man dito sila)


  61. I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
    you so much 2Ne1 I wish i could see you in person!!! I hope you will visit here in the philippines!!!! Muuuaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  62. hey!!!!everybody whats up!!!!cl im the baddest 19 year old male thats going to kill your gd

  63. gd bad ass your stealling my girl cl
    im going to bad ass you im the baddest male

  64. i love 2ne1
    2ne1 is the best………………
    rene’o po’o se age ta sandara

  65. hai…

    cl im one of ur big fan here n phil. in cebu in mandaue in our skul saint louis school of man.
    ur talented we were da strongst team in our klasroom we kep on performing ur songs

    i lhub u cl!!!
    im da baddest female mandaue city ever had!!!

    hop dat u wil hav concrt here in cebu


  66. I love 2ne1

  67. 2Ne1 ~

    your songs are great . super duperr cool . GONG MINZYY, hope you’ll have your 1st solo song. you’re my favorite <33 .

    that's all . sarangahaee ❤

  68. you are to cute 2ne1 ilove u very very very very very love

  69. hope you’ll also put the lyrics of take a bow.tnx!

  70. we love u 2ne1

  71. hi 2ne1 I love u very much

  72. i totally love 2ne1!!!!!

    Love the new single ” TRY TO FOLLOW ME “!!!

    Its ssssooooo addictied

  73. 2NE1 will always be the best !!!
    other fem.groups are nothing !
    no more doubt.all of their songs are BOOM

  74. 2ne1 song are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. ganda poh tlg ung kanta ng 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  76. i love 2ne1 girls there name is cl, bom,sandara,minjy

  77. 2ne1 girls is the best the wonder girls is loser

  78. ang ganda ng 2ne1 girls sila ang the best

  79. hi 2ne1 u all too cute that i and my friends want to see you. i hope one day u come to my country and have a concert. love u

  80. i love it!!!!!

  81. 2ne1 girls pls.visit the philippines and also text me 09158483277

  82. i love minzy and cl’s please dont go thankzzzzzzzzzz
    4 d lyrics

  83. i love 4 of u very very very much !
    i think this is not impossible!

  84. I thank ya tooo!!!! 😀 That’s nice from you all!!!! 😀

  85. i donnt care

  86. 2ne1 saranghaseyo mmmaaawwwhhhh good luky ha ilove it your song all i love it 2ne1


  88. Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

  89. 222 2ne1 saranghae ❤

  90. when will be the 2ne1 tv season 2

  91. when will be your concert here in the Philippines? hope to see guys here… in the Philippines specially sandara haha the pambansang krung-krung ng pinas!!!!!

  92. gusto kong makita kayong lahat

  93. hello..

    can i asked why you still dont have the new lyrics of 2ne1 like..

    hope you’ll updated it as soon as you can guys..!

    thanks 🙂

  94. Bom Bunny~

    Lol, I just really like her, thats all.

    Mmm, thanks for the lyrics, this is pretty awesome stuff u got there.


  95. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
    This is the best page about the most beautiful and talented girls in korea!!! 2NE1 ROCKS!! 😀

  96. hei im the bhest of your fans we have a group of el_2ne1 to say that i love you guys

  97. love ur site!

  98. 2ne1 forever gogoggo !!! 2ne1

  99. hi 2ne1,im the one of your fan,,,i love all of your song.and i hope that theres an album coming here from korea…love you all and keep up the good work gog bless…

  100. I LOVE 2NE1…!!!!!

  101. saw your 2NE1 pics luv it really lk a picture book!!! 🙂

  102. hi Sandara (Filipino Language) sandara kelan kayo mag co concert sa pilipina atsaka wala pa ung album nyo dito sa pilipinas

    wish you where here in december

  103. i love u all 2ne1 whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    all of u were very great love uall girls

  104. <3love u all

  105. new song : Don’t Stop the Music
    please the lirycs….


  106. saranghea 2ne1 you r all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  107. i like them so much

  108. saranghae 2ne1 u r ol cute, adorable, amazing and awsome!!!!
    minji and dara!!!!
    bom and cl!!!!
    LUV YA OL!!!!!

  109. Love this fan page.. I have high hopes for more updates.
    God Bless.

  110. aNyOnG hAsEyO!!!!

    i Luv 2ne1….

    GrEaT mUsiC, viDeO,.. siNgErS…

    fAbULoUs !!!!!!!!

  111. por fin tengo mi disco de 2ne1 de firs album

  112. anyeonghaseyo 2ne1..i loove you guys so much…your the best korean girl group ever…hope you guys will stay cool and fashionable..i love the way you dress..hope to see you personally here in the philippines..

  113. hi 2ne1 girls..CL,DARA,MINZY,BOM….you are my favorite korean girl group…i love your songs…SARANGHAE…

  114. Ang ganda talaga nila sana pumunta sila dito sa pilipinas !!!! ♥♥♥

  115. i luv dont stop the music daaaaahhhhhh””””””””

  116. thanks for the lyrics

  117. hi! 2ne1 i like your album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 we…………. luv u

  118. Now i can sing in front of my korean friend!

  119. hey 2ne1 i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………………..

  120. wheres i am the best??

  121. UGLY pls….

  122. y dont have lyrics Ugly @@


  124. Wink ! lov3 she cl 2ne1 ! What ‘s up 2ne1 /to anyone / deo joh-eun … cheos beonjjae 2ne1 mandeulgi ❤ ❤ !! yaaa

  125. naneun gasa hwajae leul chaj-a amudo eobsda sip-eo eodie? ? who know .:(
    i wan lyrics cant nobody and fire ! who know ? giv me link to open pliss

  126. i really really love 2ne1 hoping that you’ll be the best girl group in mama awards!!!!!!!!!!
    sarangahae 2ne1 muahhh!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3 especially lee park bom…….

  127. hi dara we miss u in phillipines

  128. OMG Love You 2NE1

  129. Hi blackjacks my name is Gunny and i recently did a remake of “hurt” by 2ne1
    hope u guys check it out and give me some feed back!

  130. KEEP UP THE EPICNESS 2NE1!!!!! Of course they will!

  131. Please put up Only Look At Me!!! I love it!!
    2NE1 FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  132. OH~ I LOVE 2NE1…………I LOVE CL…….I LIKE BOM………….I AM CRAZY ABOUT MINZY…………I AM DARA FAN…………..LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2NE1………………… FROM MYANMAR

  133. I really love the song i am the best…….



  134. CL I love very much. More love 2NE1 and Big Bang is more. I do not know what else to say than this little question!

  135. gomawo for all this songs 2ne1 we really love it

  136. i like song 2ne1 all and i really really like song 2ne1 3^

  137. for the various you forgot to put a couple songs:
    Lexy – baby boy ft Bom
    Bigbang – we belong together and forever with you ft bom
    uhm jung hwa – dj ft cl

  138. you don’t have the lyrics of scream?
    I LOVE YOU 2NE1 FOREVER!!!! :)))

  139. I love 2ne1

  140. Marry x-mas 2ne1

    More blessings to come

  141. so cool it’s translated:) ;P

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