Blackjacks, we finally have word on the new album!!


I know you all feel the same way I do… “WHERE is the 2NE1 album that was supposed to drop in October?!” Well, I finally have answers.
In a recent interview that billboardbiz had with CL, she explains why the album did not come out when it was supposed to, and a rough estimate for the new one!! And even some inside description of a track on the album. Here’s an excerpt below:

Things seem to be in a good place for CL to come to New York, enjoy Fashion Week and sit down for a chat by the fireplace of the sophisticated Gramercy Park Hotel lobby. “Last year, we were actually planning to have an album out and we had recorded some songs. But it didn’t happen because of our tour,” CL says.  “We had to go on a tour and we had a deadline for if we wanted an album. But it’s just…we couldn’t make it.”

But CL tells Billboard that a 2013 comeback is now set for April. While a lead single or concept is still to be chosen, CL ensures that the music is classic 2NE1. “I feel like ‘I Am The Best’ or ‘Can’t Nobody’ are very much 2NE1’s style, if that’s how you want to put it. ‘I Love You,’ was something different for our fans and for 2NE1,” she says. “But moving forward, we’re sticking to the original and we’re going to go back to the fun, crazy, different 2NE1.”

While the final tracklisting is still to be decided, CL does speak excitedly about one track in particular that appears to be in the same vein as “I Love You.” CL reveals, “It’s a slow, love song. It’s about missing somebody. I was really connected to that song because I was missing my fans and the stage. I love that song. I know people will love it.”

The article title explains that CL is also looking ahead to a solo career, but the article doesn’t explain anything about it. Misleading! But if you’d like to read the entire article, Go here!

~ by jennyylee on February 19, 2013.

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