CL and Sung Shi Kyung to Collaborate at 2012 SBS Music Awards


On December 26, a representative from Jellyfish Entertainment stated,

Sung Shi Kyung will perform with 2NE1’sCL at SBS Music Awards this year.”

This tidbit of news is creating much excitement to fans of both parties since Sung Shi Kyung makes all ladies swoon singing ballads with his smooth, velvety voice while CL is known to bring down the house with her booming charisma and unique rapping skills.

A production staff shared,

“We can’t reveal the details of their performance. However, it would be great if you could check for yourselves when the time comes.”

SBS Music Awards will be held on December 29 at Korea University’s Gymnasium. It will be broadcasted live starting at 8:45pm (KST).

Source: YGUnited

If you guys don’t know who Sung Shi Kyung is: he’s moreso of a ballad singer. He has an absolutely amazing voice.  I LOVE another song that he his in with another famous YG artist, PSY! He has the amazing voice in PSY’s “Passionate Goodbye”. Check it out below! And the rest of Psy’s album 😉

~ by jennyylee on December 27, 2012.

One Response to “CL and Sung Shi Kyung to Collaborate at 2012 SBS Music Awards”

  1. Yey. This made me so excited. Cheers. It was so fun.

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