Great KPop Radio Station on iTunes!


Hello everyone! I have been searching for a good radio station for kpop online and wherever for the longest time now, and I have finally found one that I love. It’s on iTunes and it’s called RADIO KPOP. In case none of you have ever used iTunes radio before, it’s really easy. Along your top panel you have; Songs Albums Artists Genres Playlists, and Radio. If you click on radio you’ll see a bunch of subcategories, choose international, and scroll down to RADIO KPOP. The description is in French but it just means All of the KPop Hits of the Moment.

Granted this isn’t exactly 2NE1 related news, but if you guys are anything like me, I love more than just 2NE1, including pretty much all of the other YG artists. This station plays all of them! I’ve heard songs from GD’s new album on here as well. Been listening for 3 hours straight now. Just figured I’d share this with you guys 🙂



And if you guys have any other stations that you just find amazing, let us know!

~ by jennyylee on December 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Great KPop Radio Station on iTunes!”

  1. Nice improvement. Your are on level-up. Good news.

  2. thank for sharing

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