Manila Concert Scene: “Any Blackjacks out there?”

2NE1 could be returning to the Philippines soon. A recent post by ‘Manila Concert Scene’, a PH concert news site, seems to suggest that a 2NE1 concert in that country is being considered at the moment. If you live in the Philippines and are interested in seeing our girls again (we know you are) be sure to head to their Facebook and let your voice be heard!

A few moments ago on on their Facebook and Twitter, they asked:

This of course begs the question…

PH-Blackjacks, Are you ready for the B.E.S.T?

Manila Concert Scene was founded in 2009 and became the first online concert related site in Manila, Philippines that is particularly in international concerts that withheld in Philippines, especially in Manila. Manila Concert Scene job is to build the largest concerts lover’s society in Philippines, and by holding to that task we always improve our quality and competency. Manila Concert Scene idea is to make Manila as one of the international concert destinations, so we need a lot of support from our website visitors, followers, especially from concert and music lovers in Philippines.

Note that YGE has not confirmed any of the tour dates or locations for 2NE1s 2013 concert(s).  Good luck to the Philippines and all other countries who a 2NE1′s tour to reach them next year.

Source: YG Ladies + Manila Concert Scene Facebook, Twitter and Blog

~ by Lynn on December 17, 2012.

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