[World Tour] 2NE1’s Last New Evolution Concert in Singapore

The four spunky ladies of 2NE1 opened the final show of their NEW EVOLUTION GLOBAL TOUR 2012 with crowd favourite I Am The Best last night, turning Singapore Indoor Stadium into a huge party venue right from the beginning.

“I don’t want to regret anything tonight,” leader CL’s holler was greeted by deafening screams from the Blackjacks (official fan club name).

Temperatures rose rapidly among the 8,200 people in the stadium during the first segment of the concert where hit dance tracks like FIREClap Your Hands and Don’t Stop The Music blasted off the sound system. True to YG Family’s style, the ‘swag’ and ‘fierceness’ exuding from the group was outstanding.

While stunning visuals and pyrotechnics such as multi-colour laser lights, video background and stage fireworks definitely added points to the concert, it is the group’s stage presence and charisma that brought the house down last night.

Starting from CL’s solo deejaying on an elevated platform to Park Bom’s rendition of Don’t Cry and You & I which showed off her vocal prowess, 2NE1 proved why they are the girl group with the most character. Besides appearing in a roller coaster car with CL for Please Don’t Go, Minzy was just as captivating with her dance solo.

But what drove the crowd wild had to be Dara’s Kiss where a lucky male fan was chosen on the spot by the lady herself. To the envy of many at the show, he got to enjoy ‘skinship’ with Dara and received a real kiss from her during the performance.

Other than props such as a shiny gold-coloured sofa and a mobile stage, the ladies also donned on fanciful costumes like the cheerleading outfits, complete with pom-poms, during Follow Me. With a packed stadium jumping along to the music, 2NE1 were far from ‘Lonely’ as they performed some of their slower songs.

What makes concerts especially electrifying is the contagious energy that spreads from the performing artistes to the fans below the stage. With the four ladies head-banging to the roaring music and grooving their hearts out to the catchy tunes, the fans were inspired to wave their white wing-shaped lightsticks with greater passion.

2NE1’s call for the crowd to stand up for the song Let’s Go Party brought the show to a new high as everyone in the stadium, including the scarce few middle-aged fans, sprang up from their seats and danced along to the music.

Roller coaster ride of emotions it was, for 2NE1 and Blackjacks, as the atmosphere turned emotional when the two-hour concert was nearing its closure. Dara, who was already teary-eyed during the rehearsals, had big droplets rolling down her cheeks while Minzy and Park Bom tried to hold back theirs. Even the usually cool and collected CL became husky-voiced.

The four ladies returned on stage by sliding down from the inflated ‘playground’ during the encore and the fans were more than happy when their beloved idols performed I Don’t Care and I Am The Best for a second time. As it was the conclusion to their world tour, 2NE1 and their band had a group picture taken with all the fans in the background last night.

The concert was supposed to end with the encore when the fans started singing Please Don’t Go, beckoning the group to come on stage again. As the original song list had been exhausted, I Love You was aptly chosen as the true finale. The additional performance not only was a bonus for the Blackjacks, but it was also 2NE1’s final relish of the stage for their NEW EVOLUTION tour.

Article: xinmsn.com


~ by Lynn on December 3, 2012.

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  1. AWW …. im so proud of these girls

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