Sara Wee: “Gonna be interviewing 2NE1 this Saturday!”

Sara Wee recently announced on Twitter she will be doing an interview with 2NE1. She tweeted: “Gonna be interviewing 2NE1 this Saturday! Excited! . A few tweets after that, she tweeted: “My interview with 2NE1 for  has been moved to Friday, but it’s still happening! Will post as many pictures as I can!”. Since 2NE1 will be performing their New Evolution concert in Singapore this Saturday, they will be doing an interview there, too.

Sara Wee is the lead vocal and drummer for Singaporean band 53A. As described on their website: “53A is made of four musicians with diverse styles and rich musical backgrounds, and is known for its tantalizing brew of pop and rock with a spoonful of lunacy that puts a unique 53A brand on each and every song the band covers.” They debuted with their original album Settle the Kettle. Sara Wee also hosts ClickNetwork’s In The Backseat.

Looks like we will be seeing a new interview by 2NE1 very soon! “My interview with 2NE1 will be on Singtel’s YouTube channel, so subscribe to get notified once it’s up! 

So stay tuned, BlackJacks!

Source: YG Ladies


~ by Lynn on November 29, 2012.

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