[Release] 2NE1 Global Tour Live CD

That’s right! As announced on 2NE1’s Facebook, 2NE1 will release a live CD of their New Evolution concert in Seoul. It will be released on December 4th.

Hi, this is YG Entertainment.

As the first Korean girl group to have a global tour New Evolution Concert, 2NE1 started off their tour on July 28 and 29, and live CD containing the live music recorded in both concerts will be released on December 4.

This summer 2NE1 began their global tour New Evolution along with the renowned production staff, who worked with famous pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga, and the audiences of 2NE1 New Evolution experienced the concert that was full of energy and powerful performances. Especially, Divinity Roxx, the bassist and music director of Beyoncé world tour, has been in charge of the music of this 2NE1 concert.

2NE1’s hit songs like ‘Fire’, ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Can’t Nobody’, ‘내가 제일 잘 나가’, and ‘I Love You’, have been rearranged into a band version, and now you can get to meet all of these songs through live CD.

▶ Pre-order: 23rd of November – 3rd of December

▶ Pre-order Location: YG eShop, On- & Offline Music Stores

▶ Release Date: 4th of December

▶ Selling Price @ YG e-shop: 16,300 Won (price might vary by stores)

▶ Details:

① Live CD

② Booklet

③ YG Family Card

④ Poster

* Part of product details and release date can be changed in the process of production. (quantity etc.)

 ▶ Track List:

01. 내가 제일 잘 나가

02. Fire

03. 박수쳐

04. I Don’t Care (reggae mix)

05. Don’t Stop The Music

06. 아파

07. Lonely

08. In The Club

09. Stay Together

10. I Love You

11. Ugly

12. Hate You

13. Go Away

14. Can’t Nobody

So let’s go go go, order it now!

Source: 2NE1’s Facebook + YG Ladies

~ by Lynn on November 29, 2012.

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