Discussion: New Album?

So as we all know, 2NE1 was supposed to release a new album in October. And we all know that has not yet happened. There’s a few different reason’s that I’ve heard for them not releasing anything new yet, including a new single they were supposed to drop in September after “I Love You”. One reason that I’ve read is that the girls are simply too busy with the world tour (Which currently only has 1 show left Dec 1st according to the schedule on their Facebook), I’ve also heard that in lieu of Epik High’s new album being promoted by the company, and PSY’s Gangnam Style being so huge that YG doesn’t want the girls to be overlooked.

Of course these are just things that I have seen trying to find information on it for you guys. I’d like to know what you all think. Please leave a comment! I also want you guys to know that we’re still in business here! Trying to get a new layout together for the site and waiting patiently for news!





~ by jennyylee on November 28, 2012.

8 Responses to “Discussion: New Album?”

  1. I am very disappointed that the girls of 2ne1 are getting lost in YG’s push other artist. I am so upset that I will only be supporting 2ne1 & big bang from now on. I hope YG stops blocking 2ne1. Its not as if they haven’t over booked the girls to the point of exhaustion before. Why are they not releasing their music? Why hasn’t the album with will i am not be released either? It seems as if 2ne1 are being put on the back burner. I am very upset. I hope YG changes their ways

    • I kind of feel the same way. I understand YG not wanting to put it out right not so it’s not overlooked because of course as a company they want as much success for the group as they can have. I want my new album!

  2. I think the music isn’t ready, or is ready but isn’t at “2NE1” quality. 2NE1 are kind of unusual in that *all* of their music so far has been really high quality, not just the singles. Quality takes time and writing songs isn’t like fixing bicycles. You can plan all you want, but if the writing isn’t coming together, all you can do is spend more time and hope it improves. I think especially because Kush is gone, and Teddy’s been really busy this year producing for other artists, it’s just taking a long time to get the music finished. Personally I’d rather wait longer for a better final product.

    I don’t have any inside info though, so this is just my speculation.

  3. I understand why they would want to wait, but lets face it the only reason PSY is so popular is because it a funny catchy song with a funny video, they shouldn’t have to wait for that fad to end. They have truly great fun meaningful songs and they speak English so well I think they will do really great here in the US. I agree with Subdee, I would rather wait a few extra months for something absolutely perfect and amazing that I can listen to every song without skipping a track rather than a bunch of songs that might be missing something..
    I’m glad to hear that this album is still in motion with Will.I.Am I love the Black Eyed Peas songs for so long and still am obsessed with 2NE1, not to mention they are amazing performers in concert! I really cannot wait to actually go into a store and buy the album, whenever that may be. =) blackjack!

  4. Yeah you guys are right. 2NE1 does have really high quality songs, and I wouldn’t want anything less than that. It would be so nice to be able to walk into a store here and buy a 2NE1 album.. I have the first 2 but of course I have to buy them online. I have some local Korean markets around here and they have movies sometimes but no music. I have’t seen much news on the Will.I.Am album, I’ll make some effort to try to look it up today and report my findings.

  5. I think they want their comeback to be a secret. I read and saw pics that they secretly shot a MV in Los Angeles. There’s rumors that they might debut their new song at MAMA ?!? YG has a lot going on with BIg Bang and PSY and Lee Hi and getting ready to debut their other rookies. So I really dont mind waiting cuz I know that 2NE1 will come back with a big bang like they always do. I’d rather they come back with material worth waiting for than just putting a “not up to par” song. Let’s hope and pray that they’ll comeback fresh and strong soon ❤

    • That would be an awesome comeback

      • 2012 MAMA list finalized
        1 + Double K Dynamic Duo joint concert
        2 Ailee solo show
        3 Sistar other solo show
        4 Epik High + or less joint concert
        5 G-Dragon + Tablo joint concert
        6 Big Bang solo show
        7 Trouble Maker performances
        8 Super Junior concert
        9 Psy joint concert
        10 Wang Leehom performances
        11 BoB performing
        12 Adam Lambert concert
        13 Roy Kim performances
        14 Seo performances
        15 Natyu performances
        16 Park Jin Young + shirts performances

        Looks like 2ne1 isn’t on the roster to perform though 😦

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