What’s Up? We’re 2NE1! Photobook Essay on sale now!

Product Information: 2NE1 Photo Essay – What’s Up? We’re 2NE1!

– Photo Album

– Photo size: 170×225 (314 Pages)
– Language: International version contains content in Korean, Japanese & English

The first photobook to be released since their debut, it captures 2NE1′s first vacation with the members, to Sandara’s hometown, Philippines, since their debut. With the members’ beautiful vacation photos, the photos that the members take of each other and even the handwritten thoughts of the members on their vacation, the book which contains the memories of 2NE1′s first vacation is born.

Taken by the best photographer, the book contains more than 1000 photos that are similar to those that are seen in magazines. The book will showcase 2NE1′s appearance ‘completely’; the 2NE1 with a free-spirited/bohemian appearance and also the 2NE1 after a stylish transformation. In the book, you’d also be able to read letters the members have written to each other and feel 2NE1′s close friendship and affection towards each other.

The excitement of their first vacation trip has been captured vividly in this book.

The International edition of the photo essay will include the original Korean content with English and Japanese translations. Rather than containing typical photos, the book is unique as it is 2NE1′s vivid travel diary that also contains the girls’ stories. A photo album that contains the perfect blend of photos and stories have been completed.

On sale from July 26 onwards.

The book is also on sale at Gmarket.

Source: YesAsia


~ by Lynn on July 29, 2012.

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