Dara updates regarding rehearsals and Chaerin’s progress in learning techy things

“[What are the members doing on-site at rehearsal?] Rehearsals are like the actual battle!!! There’s that feel and it goes on very seriously! In just 1 day of concert rehearsals, we’d practice the full concert 3 times like we’re going for war ke Our stamina is totally freaky keke If there are screams and shouts we’ll get more energy, that you know right!? I’m looking forward to it ^_^ Anyway, how did I get so many photos of Chaerin?! he he he”

Tags: Chaerin has recently learnt about photo updates keke But I have hidden these photos away from her again keke I did well right? keke

Source: Dara’s me2day + CL Baddest Female


~ by Lynn on July 29, 2012.

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