Win: Shirt Designed by CL or Global Tour Tickets!

Event details on poster

On the Facebook or social networks below, please leave a congratulating message to 2NE1, who will be featured on the issue of the 1st anniversary of 1st Look, on their global tour. Special prizes will be given out through a lottery draw.

A) 2NE1 Global Tour Seoul Tickets 20 tickets (2 per person)
B) Mesh T-shirt designed by CL 5 shirts (1 per person)

Event will be held from 17 July to 24 July. That’s the period of time for you to leave your comments. Winners will be announced on 25 July.

Please follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook. First Look’s Twitter: 1 | 2

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~ by Lynn on July 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “Win: Shirt Designed by CL or Global Tour Tickets!”

  1. Hey just to make sure – is this competition open to all international fans, or only Korean? kamsahamnida! ^__^

  2. hello guys goodluck on your world tour concert and congratulations in advance for the success i hope that you continue to inspire us using your music 2ne1 fighting!!!god bless all of you always keep your feet on the ground wish all of you goodhealth saranghae 2ne1!!!

  3. congratz 2ne1 and gudluck onur world tour concert!!!saranghae 2ne1!!

  4. Congratulations on your success!!! You guys are my role model. Be inspired and be inspiring!!!! Saranghae 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

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