2NE1 to be included in SBS’ ‘Go Show’ Summer Special

“The ‘Go Show’ rounds up a list of top stars including Yoon Yeo-jung, 2NE1, Psy, etc. for their summer special.”

Celebrities from a variety of different fields, including actress Yoon Yeo-jung, girl group 2NE1, artists Psy, and Tiger JK, musical director Park Kalin, and novelist Lee Oisoo, will all be meeting with Go Hyunjung.

The planning and casting for the summer special of SBS’s ‘Go Show’, scheduled to begin on the 13th, has been completed such that men and women of all age can enjoy it. The Go Show has become a hot topic, with a new discussion topic every week paired with an albeit unique but brilliant set of guests.

The first guest of the summer special will be Yoon Yeo-jung. She will make an appearance on the 13th with Choi Hwajung for the ‘Splendid Singles’ episode, and is anticipated to show off her amazing talking skills.

In addition, although she has hesitated from doing variety programs before, for her close junior, Go Hyunjung, she decided to make an exception this time and make an appearance on ‘Go Show’. She is expected to dish the dirt on the happenings during the Festival de Cannes, as well as bed scene of her and the actor Kim Kangwoo, and also talk a bit about her single life which has been enclosed behind a veil for so long.

In addition, hip hop girl group 2NE1, the god of concerts, Psy, and the living legend of hip hop, Tiger JK, Park Kalin, known for her famous charasmatic, gentle lines, as well as power Twitterian, Lee Oisoo, and the team from SBS’s ‘The Laws of the Jungle’ will all also be making an appearance.

The ‘Splendid Singles’ episode will kick off the Go Show summer special on the 13th at 11:05PM.

Source: Nate
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com


~ by Lynn on July 12, 2012.

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