YG Entertainment Apologizes for using Animals on Stage

YG Entertainment has apologized over 2NE1’s recent comeback stage.

After 2NE1’s comeback stage on SBS’ Inkigayo for the group’s new single I Love You was met with strong criticism for its use of live animals during the performance, YG Entertainment has issued an apology.

The July 8 comeback stage for 2NE1 utilized a live parrot and swans for the group’s comeback stage which was met with fierce debate.

However, YG Entertainment finally spoke up about the issue saying, “We enlisted the help of animal trainers and other animal experts and did the stage performance with their consultation. If our efforts to create a good performance brought discomfort to viewers we apologize. We will focus on being more careful in the future.”

What are your thoughts on this? To each their own.

Source: CL Baddest Female + E-Newsworld


~ by Lynn on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “YG Entertainment Apologizes for using Animals on Stage”

  1. I’m glad that they at least apologized. I’m not a fan of using animals on stage, expecially sensible ones like birds

  2. I think that the people who complained were being over-dramatic… They took special care to make sure the animals weren’t harmed and the parrot had been trained to do things like this before. I don’t think that they needed to apologize.

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