Article: New Fashion in “I Love You”

2NE1‘s new music video for their new single ”I Love You” has become a hot issue due to their ”hairstyle makeover”.

Through YG‘s official blog ”YG-Life”, they announced that they would release ”I Love You” MV on 7-7-12, without an exact time making many anticipate the release. With the release, fans have been going crazy over their new look, which impressed many aswell.

The members showcased their ”sexy side” which was quite a succes as it was actually quite new for the ladies. Each member stood out the most with variety of hairstyles.

CL appeared in the music video first as she gave off a ”retro” feel with her big volumized blonde-sih hair which caught many their eyes. Along with gold belt, rings, jewelry and sunglasses, CL completed the stunning ”retro” look.

A few days ago, CL answered in an interview that “Trot is quite popular, but amongst idols it’s rarely seen. We decided to try out something new and different, mixing trot with electronic sounds. With this new sound, we decided to go for ”new fashion” too which is seen in the MV with our eye-catching accesoiries and hairstyles.”

The youngest of the group Minzy managed to steal the spotlight too, as she’s seen wearing a black ”Cleopatra Bob” wig showcasing an intense look. With her bangs shaped in a ”arrow” shape. Many could see that the maknae of the group was defenitly covered with a strong personality filled with charisma. Her tidy bob hairstyle gave off a alluring feel many approved of.

The biggest transformation was member Dara‘s as she shaved half of her head. Quite dramatic but either way she’s rocking it. In the teaser her hair is styled stylishly with her long waves dropped to one side as she’s seen sitting on a sofa, which is was a pretty sight. In the MV she’s also seen wearing a bright pink wig along with blue / green ends creating a sort of ”ombre” effect which also is quite feminine.

Member Park Bom showed a sexy side yet again as her hair was slightly curled with her brown fading to pink hairstyle. Her ”ombre” hair fitted her perfectly, which isn’t suprising as she rocked many different hair colors in the past. Park Bom also showed a feminine appeal as her hair was wrapped in a scarf while sitting alone in the train animating a ”retro” feel.

In this new song, 2NE1 went under a complete transformation captivating public’s eyes and ears. ”We always try to bring something new and fresh, which includes a new look so our song sounds even more refreshing.” the members commented in a interview showing their bold and strong commitment to the transformation they rocked either way.

Source: Nate + Translation by Yasmine @ WeLoveBom!


~ by Lynn on July 9, 2012.

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