“I Love You” Comeback Stage on Inkigayo!

Leader CL starts off the comeback stage with an all-kill rap performance. 2NE1’s swag is showing off again, perfectly. The good old 2NE1. Fun fact: CL carries a parrot on her shoulder, which apparently was previously also used in IU‘s music video! Lyrics of CL’s rap:

“Tonight I’ll drop it low, as low as this b-bass. You know it’s about to blow, all up in your face. You might have seen a couple of Bitty’s looking pretty but none compared to me as I proceed to run this city. Uh, this thing I’m into, it’s something brand new. This type of feelings got me doing things I won’t do. Yeah, IN THE CLUB it’s getting UGLYI DON’T CARE,CAN’T NOBODY stop the FIRE. Let them haters sit and stare.”

After CL’s rap performance, “I Love You” starts off. 2NE1 managed to perform a flawless performance. Their attitude is showing off very well! Lots of thought was put in the stage art (there were swans!). The girls all wore clothes that are similar to the teaser photos of “I Love You”. I feel the concept of their clothing had everything to do with pirates. Doesn’t that say something about 2NE1’s distinct style? ^^ They’re back!

One last thing: Some fans feel it’s a shame 2NE1 changed their concept when releasing “I Love You” which I can understand. It’s very new and hard to get used to, but I myself really recognise 2NE1 here. What do you think?

Next week 2NE1 will also perform on M! Countdown. It will take place 12th of July.

~ by Lynn on July 8, 2012.

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