New Fashion: 2NE1 embraces products of Violent Lips

In the spirit of embracing New Fashion in their upcoming comeback, 2NE1 makes a fashion statement with the future of lipstick – temporary lip tattoos from Violent Lips!

Doesn’t Bom look utterly, jaw-droppingly, gorgeous in the teaser that was released today? But what instantly caught my eye was Bom’s glamorous sparkly lips! Here, Bom can be seen with ‘The Silver Glitterati‘ ($14.95) which adds just the right amount of glamour to goddess Bom’s look.

CL‘s teaser certainly raised eyebrows upon it’s release due to the bold black and white striped lip makeup she has on. At first we were fooled into thinking that the make-up artists maybe painted those on; but with Bom having another Violent Lips’ tattoo on in her photo, we are now fairly certain that CL must have had on one too! CL is seen here with ‘The Black & White Stripes‘ (now on sale for just $9.99).

Which Violent Lips tattoos do you think Dara and Minzy will have on in their photos? Will someone go for the gorgeous Leopard Print perhaps? Or maybe The Cool Rainbow?

Source: CL Baddest Female

~ by Lynn on July 4, 2012.

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