2NE1: “Through YouTube Many Can Enjoy Our Music”

2NE1 members showing up with new pattern printed outfits giving off a summer feel with a smile plastered on their faces even though they were tired after traveling from Korea to Japan to France to Italy and back to Korea. Sandara Park showed a new hairstyle with the left side of the head shaved wearing a bright beanie covering half of her head.

Releasing single ”I Love You” on the 5th of July after a year plus going out on a global tour for the first time ever (first Korean girlgroup to do so), four-member group 2NE1 are set to tour around the world starting from the 28th in Seoul, Korea in Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Of course Korea is not only on the list since it’s a world tour, but 2NE1 is planning to visit the United States, Japan, Asia and Europe for their Global Concert Tour ”New Evolution”.
Preparing new songs and fun new stages for their tour plus comeback activities, the ladies didn’t reveal more as it was still a suprise. The song ”I Love You” is different then the image 2NE1 showed before with ”I Am The Best”. Toningt down their fierce image, the ladies made a complete transformation showing their intense femininity with ”I Love You” as their upcoming single.
Not long ago, the members had a miraculous experience. Attending the 2012 Cannes International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France, the ladies did not hide their excitement as they talked about their great experience. 2NE1 was invitied to go for ”Digital Hallyu Marketing (Korean Wave through Digital Wave)” being the speakers as part of the Hallyu Wave. 2NE1 did not fail to represent the Hallyu Wave from Korea. Terry Savage the Chairman of the organization talked to the girls about K-Pop with a short performance of their hit songs as well as more then 1,000 k-pop fans from France attended showing their support for 2NE1.
With Social Network Services (SNS) like Youtube, many overseas fans could keep track with our promotions as well as music videos and our choreographies through live performances or practice videos. It’s also an advantage for our song ”Cant Nobody” as everyone could dance and sing along with it.” Global marketers we’re impressed by 2NE1 as well as  the fans. Showing K-Pop’s popularity, many we’re amazed by it. ”Maybe we thought there would be 200 fans, but 1,000 is surprising especially in Europe with most young fans and some adult fans”. Global marketers finally realized what ”K-Pop” really is plus 2NE1′s enthusiasm was definitely a sight to see.
”We follow the considerations that would be good for fans at home and abroad” CL said. From 1970 up till 1990 there wasn’t much sharing options so both fans at home or abroad can see from a particular artist from a particular country. ”Whatever videos are uploaded on YouTube, whether its old from the past or from the present, it attracts music fans from around the world which is quite good  for the music lovers as they can enjoy it no matter where they are.”
Last year or well ever since 2NE1‘s debut, the members kept releasing a documentary called ”2NE1 TV” where they showed their daily lives during their debut days and during their promotions which attracted several attendees. Studded costumes wore by Gong Minji, ”Rabbit eats corn” aka member Park Bom caught eating corn, Sandara Parkshowing her dorky side along with CL showing her unique fashion sense plus a not so easily seen ”cute” side, the members showed their true selves during these documentaries. “I’m trying to create a cool image but I’m dubbed as ”Corn Bom / Corn Spring” due to the incident” Park Bom cried out earning laughs from everyone. “Overseas fans sending corn was a good joke though, haha.” (Bom)
2NE1 has language skills, a stage always full of charisma during a performance and outstanding vocals with a great choreography and catchy songs. 2NE1 actually breaks down the walls of nationality and language with their unique style and choreography that captured many their hearts. Lots we’re impressed by the fearsome four, and couldn’t wait to see them again, maybe performing a concert this time.

I’m feeling like something new has started. If I / we want to go further…. could we really?  (CL)

Source: dongA + Yasmine @ WeLoveBom for translations


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