Happy 4th of July, 2NE1!

Why are we doing this?

To support and congratulate 2NE1 on their Korean comeback 2012! 5th of July, 00:00 AM Korean standard time (KST) 2NE1′s new single will be released: ‘I Love You‘. It’s the start of 2NE1′s comeback, the rest of the songs will slowly be released in July too. July will also be an important month for 2NE1, because their world tour New Evolution will start July 28th. There are plenty of reasons to gather up and give 2NE1 some support!

Why does the hashtag say 4th of July?

You’re right, ‘I Love You‘ will be released on July 5th at 00:00 AM KST. But in America and Europe, it will still be July 4th. Since July 4th is a very important holiday for America (American Independence Day) it could be fun to combine the holiday and 2NE1′s release together. Especially Bom might appreciate the thought, since she’s lived in America for a while.

How can I join or help?

  1. First necessity is to have a Twitter account. Since many people already have one, it might not be necessary to sign up!
  2. Then, don’t forget to check what your time difference is comparing to Korean standard time! You can use this website to find out your time difference.
  3. All that’s left to do, is waiting until it’s 00:00 AM in South-Korea. Then you can tweet your message, including the #Happy4thofJuly2NE1 hashtag. Let’s see if it works!
  4. If you’d like to, you could also thank 2NE1 tweeting to @mingkki21, @GlobalBlackJack, @haroobomkum and other hashtags related to 2NE1.

Will you be joining us, at 00:00 AM Korean local time? Let’s drop this Twitter bomb! And thank you lots to the BlackJack e-mailing us this idea! ❤

By the way!

Want to follow the hashtag #Happy4thofJuly2NE1? Explanation thanks to BlackJack who sent in the idea!

  • You could try TweetDeck, it will update a hashtag stream in real time. It will be fun to read all the tweets, even though tweets in Hangul will appear too. Also let’s you have multiple columns to see multiple hastag streams at once.
  • Here is how you view a hashtag on Trendsmap would show you everywhere in the world #2NE1 is used.  You get a real time stream in a little window as well.

~ by Lynn on June 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Happy 4th of July, 2NE1!”

  1. Thanks for posting the idea. Let’s make this happen BlackJacks.

    Keep fighting!

  2. Reblogged this on timmy910015.

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