[WORLD TOUR] New Fashion, New Evolution

2NE1’s Dara recently posted this phot of CL on her me2day, along with the two messages below:

How to enjoy 2NE1’s 2012 New Evolution concert part 1!!! New fashion!!! For this concert, our lovely designer, Jeremy Scott exclusively~! 2NE1’s entire wardrobe for the concert, personally! Made them~! Music and fashion are one! It’ll be a feast for the eyes! ^.^ Enjoyment for the eyes! +.+

How to enjoy 2NE1′s 2012 New Evolution concert part 2!!! New sound!!! For this concert, we’ll be performing with a cool all-female band, which includes the bassist that played for Beyonce’s world tour, (Divinity Roxx)! How will the sound of our existing songs change..?!? Enjoyment for the ears! +.+

Dara succeeds in making 2NE1’s first world tour New Evolution more and more exciting and mysterious! I have to say I’m really curious right now. I think it’s going to be way bigger than their Nolza! concerts. Enjoyment for our eyes and ears? Can’t wait, super excited!

Source: CL Baddest Female (+ translation)

VoteWhere do you want 2NE1 perform during their World Tour: New Evolution?


~ by Lynn on June 27, 2012.

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