2NE1’s comeback has been postponed to July

2NE1 will be making their comeback later than originally planned due to production delays. On June 12th, a representative from YG Entertainment stated: “2NE1 was originally set to release their album this month. However, while working hard to produce a quality album, their album release date has been postponed.”

The representative further revealed the new release date to be in the middle week of July, and asked for everyone’s high expectations for the upcoming album.

Unfortunately, the announcement of their postponement has caused some fans to react negatively, with some accusations that they are delaying their comeback in order to avoid competition with the other groups also promoting in June.

Although 2NE1 has delayed their comeback to allow for more time working on the album, the members have promised to repay their waiting fans with even more impressive performances. The July comeback will be 2NE1’s return to the music scene after a year following the release of the second mini-album.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is set to hold their independent concert as planned on the last week of July.

Source: Star News and Koreaboo


~ by Lynn on June 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “2NE1’s comeback has been postponed to July”

  1. Some fans are crazy we saw on 2ne1 tv that its not all fun and games they work hard and sometimes time just isnt enough

  2. Fans shouldn´t be angry so easily. They just finshed promotion in Japan and travelled to other countries for stage and this kind of stuff. Seriously they´re always working!

    I´m a Britney Spears Fan too and know what it means to wait 2-4 years for activities. … I´m really calmed down at this point, blackjacks should calm down too.

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