Make Thumb Noise: Round 4 (Final!)

Today the final round started! We’ll get to choose between two kind of bridges. Below another video of Dara and Bom working on the song – it sounds great already! We’re getting much of a preview in this video. Watch it below!

Bridge 1:

Bridge 2:

What bridge do you like best out of these two? Vote for your favourite one at this website and make sure Teddy and 2NE1 use your favourite bridge in the song. Don’t forget, you’re allowed to vote five times a day! The voting will close May 31st.

Update: The winning bridge was number 1! More than 602.000 people voted, many people more than previous round. #1 beat #2 with 51% of the votes, it was – again – very close! Are you satisfied with the results? ^^
Well, I certainly am very curious to the result which will be released 5th of June. This was the last round, we only need to wait until the release!

This voting contents four rounds of voting, this is round 4. The final song will be released 5th of June! Read this post to learn more about the collaboration between 2NE1 and Intel Korea and this voting.

~ by Lynn on May 29, 2012.

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