MTV is Looking for 2NE1 Superfans

Dear BlackJacks,

MTV is asking for hardcore fans of 2NE1! I think many of us fit that role, so please read the information below in the picture.

If you’d like to join, you can write an e-mail to containing the answers to the questions below. Don’t forget to add ‘2NE1‘ in the subject field and to add a recent picture of yourself. It would be great if this photo shows the love you have for 2NE1! So you could make a photo of you and your BlackJack tattoo, CDs and singles or posters. The more you write, the better your fandom will show!

Good luck, BlackJacks!

Source: MTV + CL Baddest Female

~ by Lynn on May 18, 2012.

One Response to “MTV is Looking for 2NE1 Superfans”

  1. hello,, do you still sell big bang ver.3 light srick? is it still available? i’m from malaysia…please reply me asap..thank you ^^

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