Make Thumb Noise: Round 2

There we are again! Round 2 started today, we’ll get to choose a title and concept – what would you like the lyrics and music video to be about? Choose your favourite below. Want a little sneek peak in the making of the song? Feel free to watch this video:

Title 1: Be Mine

Title 2: Summer Love

Title 3: Too Young to Fall in Love

What title and concept do you like best out of these three? Vote for your favourite one at this website and make sure Teddy and 2NE1 use your favourite title and concept to create a story to the new song. Don’t forget, you’re allowed to vote five times a day! The voting will close May 18th.

Update: The winning title was number 1: Be Mine! Almost 158.000 people voted, but Be Mine beat the others by 37%. Summer Love received 32% of the votes, Too Young to Fall in Love had 31% votes. Very close! Let’s see what the next round will bring!

This voting will content four rounds of voting, this is round 2. We’ll keep you updated when another round is starting. The final song will be released 5th of June! Read this post to learn more about the collaboration between 2NE1 and Intel Korea and this voting.

~ by Lynn on May 17, 2012.

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