2NE1 & Gummy show their support for Yang Hyun Suk on ‘K-Pop Star’!


Rather than cheering for the Top 3 finalists, several YG artists came out to show their support for CEO Yang Hyun Suk on the April 22nd live broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star‘

While each held a hand-made placard, 2NE1 and Gummy were interviewed by MC Boom during the second half of the performance. CL cheerfully remarked, “We actually came out to support CEO Yang Hyun Suk. We even personally made these placards. Can you see this placard that says ‘milky white-skinned Yang Hyun Suk’?”

Boom later questioned Sandara Park which finalist she wanted to see join YG Entertainment. While holding holding a placard that read ‘we love you Yang Hyun Suk’, she replied, “I welcome everybody because they are all equally good.”

When asked which finalist she was rooting for, Park Bom answered, “I’m actually cheering for all three finalists, but I’d like to ask Park Ji Min if she has been taking the bamboo salt health medicine I gave her,” expressing her special affection towards the finalist.

Power vocalist Gummy also expressed her desire in working with Lee Ha Yi if given the opportunity. You can check out the performances from this week’s live broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star’ HERE.


~ by vipforever on April 23, 2012.

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