[Interview] 2NE1′s Q&A for Oricon Japan

You’ve even made a new song for your Japanese fans.

You released both your single “SCREAM” and album “COLLECTION” at the same time on March 28.
[DARA] “SCREAM” is the song we’ve made for our Japanese fans. It has an addictive melody and the change of sound with each part is interesting so it’s become a fun song that gets more enjoyable as you listen to it.

[MINZY] And the song lifts your mood as you sing to it. Even when I’m walking, I end up singing this song while unknowingly smiling (laughs).

I totally understand those feelings. Just as you 2 have said, rather than being touching, the song itself has power and gets better and better (T/N: Interviewer is saying that the song grows on you).
[BOM] Also, MINZY’s rap in this song is really cool and she really shined! In this song, I also focused on my voice more than usual when I was doing the recording to show my own colours. Honestly, when I first listened to “SCREAM”, I had trouble and didn’t quite understand it……(laughs). But, just as everyone as said, the more you listen to it, the more the melody just makes you want to sing together. CL and DARA’s parts allowed their individual charms to grow and the amount you like the song just continues growing.

The lyrics talk about how a playboy has become attracted to you on a club dancefloor and in response you say “if you don’t change then BYE!” to his selfish behaviour. With just one look, it seems very strong and the characteristics of being a courageous heroine as well as a girl with a wavering heart are portrayed superbly.
[CL] The lyrics were written by m-flo’s VERBAL. Being able to work together in this project with VERBAL was very fresh and inspiring.

2NE1 must work even harder to become the best in the world.

Also, in your album “COLLECTION”, exciting songs have been included. As your first full album in Japan, you’ve recorded all your popular Korean hits in Japanese!
[CL] It is our first full album in Japan so we wanted to give an introduction on what kind of group 2NE1 is to all the Japanese people. So we made a collection of our popular hits and representative songs from Korea.

[DARA] Various colours of 2NE1 and different genres are included so if you listen to this album, I believe that people who don’t know 2NE1 will understand us at once and they’ll be able to say “This is exactly 2NE1”!

[BOM] Of course, we have catchy songs that allow everyone in the world to be pulled into 2NE1′s new form and our music has beats that depict 2NE1′s “essence” but I think all of this has become a piece of work that just allows many people to enjoy our music.

[CL] Among the songs, “FIRE” was our Korean debut song and it is like a trademark song of 2NE1 that you can’t not mention when talking about 2NE1. That’s why, when we were deciding on the track order, only with this song did the 4 of us have the (same) opinion of putting this as Track1. I thought it could also represent a new start for 2NE1 from here and the moment people listed to the album, it’d be able to leave a strong impact.

[DARA] In this album, we recorded everything again in Japanese but especially when we were recording “FIRE”, when I was singing, all the memories and tensions of that time had come back to me and I got very strong emotions.

[MINZY] I was able to get back to the basics. But the Korean lyrics of “FIRE” are engraved in my body so when it was really difficult doing the Japanese recording. The lyrics itself had an interesting play on words but it actually took a lot of time to record. On the other hand, our latest track “SCREAM” was starting from scratch so the recording for that went the smoothest.

[BOM] Also, “I DON’T CARE” was a song that got a lot of people to know about us. When I went to America, someone said to me, “There’s a Korean group’s song called “I DON’T CARE” and it’s really good, you should definitely listen to it” (laughs).

Instead, someone promoted it to you (laughs).
[BOM] I was thinking…. “I’m actually the one who sings that song….” (laughs) but either way I was thankful and I was really proud of 2NE1(‘s sound).

Your music truly goes beyond the borders to embody 2NE1.
[BOM] That’s why 2NE1 must work even harder to become the best in the world!

But I think you guys have already become the best group.
[BOM] No, still not there yet (laughs).

But with such earnest attitudes and modesty in your words, our curiosity on 2NE1’s musical world and charm as a group is quickly growing.
[CL] For the latter, we just mutually respect and accept each other.


The relationship between the 4 members is …

The 4 of you usually get along well and talk to each other often, right?
[DARA] The 4 of us are always together. The difference in our ages might actually be why we’re good with each other. That’s why we can adjust to each other. We don’t just insist on our own opinions or put up with each other’s opinions because everyone expresses themselves honestly so that all of us can understand each other and value what we have to say, so we never have to push (for our own ideas).

You have all built up a good relationship without stressing out.
[DARA] 2NE1’s leader is the younger CL but she’s really efficient and properly looks after 2NE1’s business in an objective manner. In other words, it’s like the big sisters are the maknaes and the maknaes are the big sisters (laughs)

[BOM] I honestly think so too (laughs). DARA and I are older in terms of age but we’re just like kids (laughs). CL and MINZY have the mentality of adults so they’re really reliable.

Especially CL since she has self awareness as a leader, has a sense of responsibility, holds an incredible aura, and her appearance itself has a very dignified impression. No wonder why she has many female fans older than her. She’s indeed really reliable (laughs).
[CL] I’m very happy to hear you say that to me, but if you ask me, everyone in 2NE1 is really reliable and I think they all have the mentality of adults! Therefore I can pull them along as a leader with ease and I am how I am due to everyone’s support.

[MINZY] Truly a leader!

By the way, on your recent days off, what do you often do with your time?
[DARA] I often go home and play with my cat. He’s becoming more and more cute…… Yes, I’m a foolish parent (laughs).

[MINZY] Because I enjoy watching movies; I’ve been watching movies, reading books, and I also play with my dog.

[CL] I don’t really go out so I often stay in my room.

That’s surprising.
[CL] Ahaha, people say I seem like the type to often go clubbing, but I’m actually the opposite. I draw pictures while listening to music at home and recently, I’ve been so addicted to an American drama called “Friends” that I’ve watched it over and over again many times. I usually don’t watch dramas, but I see these friends casually spending time with each other and get envious thinking how good it would be.

What’s common for us may not be common for you, CL. For everyone in 2NE1, you are in a different world to us so you would have a strong yearning for the many things that you are unable to experience.
[CL] Of course my long-held dream has come true and I have who I am now, so I did not mean to say that I was unsatisfied with my current situation (not being able to live freely), I just meant to say that I had very heart-warming feelings when I was watching the drama.

[BOM] I watch Japanese dramas as I go to sleep (laughs). But lately I’ve been addicted to an anime called “One Piece” and I really like Luffy.

Luffy and Bom seem quite similar.
[BOM] (with a smile ear to ear) When I look at Luffy, I also think I see aspects of myself in him.


This spring, you want to have a waist like an ant’s!?

Now then, lastly. This spring, what new things would you like to challenge?
[CL] Swimming. I had done it better but I wanted to start it again. Also, because I seem to become more active in Japan than when I’m in Korea (laughs), I want to visit many vintage shops. I want to buy a pair of jeans, cut them myself and create my own damaged jeans. Other things……. Ah~ There are too many things I want to write here so I’ve become troubled (laughs).

[BOM] I want to have a waist like an ant’s!

A waist like an ant’s!? BOM’s own language???
[BOM] This spring, I want to be able to show my belly by wearing a short T-shirt so in order for me to get a slimmer waist, I will go to the gym and take the challenge of training!

But I think it’s better if you don’t get slimmer than your current form.
[BOM] (Frantically) No no, I can’t (stay like this)! I will really work hard! (laughs)

I really don’t know anything about beauties and their needs to stay beautiful. How about DARA?
[DARA] At this time last year, I had started playing guitar but I can’t play well. If 2NE1 have a tour (by ourselves), I would like to showcase it!

I’m really, really looking forward to that!
[DARA] …… (with a whisper) I will work hard so that I can actually do it (laughs).

[MINZY] I don’t want to do it just this spring, but I’d like to travel the world one day.

But with music, you get to travel the world (laughs)
[MINZY] I want to go to more countries and allow people all around the world to listen to and grow to love 2NE1’s music!

[BOM] But that is not the first step as we definitely want everyone in Japan to listen to us. Spring is the season to hope for new beginnings. People who have worried over love, work ,school, etc should also have the courage to listen to this and take a new step forward together with us!

Source: Oricon + CL Baddest Female
Translation: Caz@CLtheBaddestFemale.com

~ by Lynn on April 9, 2012.

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  1. hi my naim is shanaz and i,m from kurdistan and every one in my school love kpop becouse it is great and my favorit is 2ne1 and the first song iheard was 2ne1’fier’ and ido this dance with my friend in my scholl and every one like this and ilike all 2ne1 song ilove u 2ne1 cl,dara,bom,minzy ilove u byyyy

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