[MV] 2NE1 – Scream (FULL)

The song is very upbeat, and the vocals have a clubbing / dance feeling to it. ‘Scream‘ is sure to be a hit! In my opinion the song has a new style but stays true to the distinct style of 2NE1. It sure is refreshing, I’m excited for 2NE1′s clubbing / dance music. It seems their American debut will have familiar sounds too, so there are way more exciting things to come the coming year!

Though, the video was available on YouTube too early. According to YG’s plans the single ‘Scream‘ and its MV were supposed to be released 28th of March. It wasn’t posted on YG’s official channel either, and the quality of the MV is rather low. According to 2NE1’s Wikipedia it was leaked by AVEX, the Japanese half of the Japanese-Korean partnership YGEX, with Korean company YG Entertainment, the label 2NE1 belongs to. Within a day a complaint was filed, but even though the MV was taken down from YouTube, people still keep uploading it. Then again, it’s still unclear if this was a leak – the Wikipedia page does not refer to any source. We’ll be updating this post if there is any news on this.

But despite all this, 2NE1 delivered us a great single and MV, once again! Please enjoy, let’s keep supporting 2NE1 by buying their album ‘Collection‘ at the end of this month. 2NE1, NOLZA! ^^



~ by vipforever on March 8, 2012.

One Response to “[MV] 2NE1 – Scream (FULL)”

  1. Does anyone know the producton company who made the “scream” Mv thanks

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