CL’s Birthday!

Dara recently posted a childhood photo of CL in time for her birthday, February 25th. She posted the photo on her me2day with the description: “Congrats! CL’s birthday~!! ^.^ Happy birthday to our Chaerin~!! So I’m putting up another photo of her as a child! Ke ke isn’t she so girly?!? Ke that child has now become a hot charismatic performer on stage! +.+ Kya~! She said she was very thankful for the fans that remembered her birthday~! She said she got teary as she read the fan letters ^_^ So nice~

Just like Dara Park stated, CL is showing a cuter and girly image that is hard to see during CL’s fierce on-stage performances. Don’t you think? ^^ Fans commented with: “Happy birthday CL!” and “She really looked cute!

Queen Dara also posted photos celebrating CL’s birthday via her me2day, writing the caption with it below.

Here I am at somebody’s birthday feast after having slept in our dorm. This is already the fifth time that we are having a birthday bash for CL. I remember the first time we held one during out trainee days, and it gives me goosebumps as I am reminded of how long we have been together as members. Lets celebrate many more birthdays in the future!

Dara also posted a second photo with the caption: “Here is CL with a teddy bear that she received for her birthday from her aunt. Happy Birthday!!

Upon viewing the post, netizens and fans alike complimented CL for the effortless way in which she rocked her leopard print sunglasses as she posed happily with her present. Netizens replied: “She is getting prettier by the day“, “Happy Birthday!” and, “She is like a little child because she still loves stuffed animals!

Happy birthday, CL! 😀

Source: allkpop + Nate

~ by Lynn on February 29, 2012.

One Response to “CL’s Birthday!”

  1. hello I’m Dynni from Indonesia.. I’m nursing too… I love much 2ne1…..
    haappy birthday CL…

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