BIGBANG releases “Alive”

BIGBANG released their new mini-album today, along with a MV for “Bad Boy”! The new installment is their 5th mini-album, and is titled “Alive“. The track list as it follows:

01   Intro / Alive
02   Blue
03   사랑먼지 (Love Dust)
04   Bad Boy
05   재미없어 (It’s Not Funny)
06   Fantastic Baby
07   날개 (Wings) – DaeSung solo

Purchase the album on iTunes or YGeShop to support BIGBANG.

The MV for “Blue” was released 21st of February, watch it below!

Today, along the mini-album the MV for “Bad Boy” was released. Check it out below!

Recently – 6th of March – the third MV was released for “Fantastic Baby“, my personal favourite! Check it out below!

In March, their big concert of the year will drop along with a Japanese album. Just like 2NE1, it will probably be released the 28th of March. Let us know what you think of “Alive“!

Since we’re BlackJacks, we’re also supportive of YG Family. So we won’t hold back, we’ll try promoting BIGBANG a bit, too! Don’t you think so too?

~ by jennyylee on February 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “BIGBANG releases “Alive””

  1. BIGBANGs album comes out on february 29, teasers alrady came out. 😉

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