[EXTRA] Mixin’ & Mashin’

While we’re all watching 2NE1’s debut in Japan and waiting for the American debut CD to be released, I thought it’d be nice hearing something just different from 2NE1’s songs. Mash-ups! Mash-ups or remixes are great alternatives for original music. Who isn’t curious how 2NE1’s Try To Follow Me and Santigold’s Aha would sound like together? You might think this combination is quite odd, but wouldn’t you like to hear it?

2NE1 & Santigold – Try To Say Aha by MasaMixes

2NE1 & Backstreet Boys – I Don’t Incomplete by tomkel07

2NE1 & Pitbull, T-Pain – Can’t Nobody Drop It on the Floor by DrokasMashUp

2NE1 & Inna – Don’t Hate The Sun by DrokasMashUp

Or would you like it to be more focused on 2NE1’s photos and music videos being edited in a video? Try viewing the videos below! Many fans made videos like this to show their appreciation towards 2NE1.

2NE1 – I Am The Best (+ Beyoncé – Run The World) by xLivingInSin 

2NE1 – Lonely (+ Christina Aguilera – Castle Walls) by xLivingInSin

2NE1 – Ugly (+ La Roux – In For A Kill Dubstep) by xLivingInSin

Viewing 2NE1’s art from a different perspective is a fun thing to do. Remixes and mash-ups will never replace the originals and in my opinion originals are always the best. In 2NE1’s case, the originals are even enough to me. Though, sometimes it’s fun to listen to other creations – like a different beat or chorus.

Hate it? Maybe it will make you appreciate the originals even more. ^^
Love it? Wonderful, then you’ll only have more music to listen to and even more variation!

Try browsing on YouTube for example, you’ll be surprised of the amount remixes and mash-ups available. MasaMixes is one of the most famous K-pop DJs out there, so you could also look up his mixes featuring 2NE1. Please enjoy! ^^


~ by Lynn on January 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “[EXTRA] Mixin’ & Mashin’”

  1. 2NE1 and lmfao mash up: can’t nobody party rock is the hottest one of them all!

  2. ^^thx gonna look it up =)

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