[Admin] 2NE1 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” DVD + CD

Hello, Blackjack! It has been a long time i have not update anything on this site. I have been very busy with University’s assignments and this semester is my final semester for the course i am taking. Woohoo! For me…

Thanks to other editors have been helping the site and updating it. Really glad that you all (YGNGENERATIONers) are being active.

Well, today i am just going to share with the Blackjack on 2NE1’s 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” DVD + CD. I just got them about few weeks ago and i have been trying to find time “show-off” to you guys the awesome-ness of their DVD and CD.

To all the Blackjack, who have not get the chance to watch 2NE1 1st Live Concert, you can still watch it by buying their DVD and CD from any sites selling it online. Especially, you can it from YGESHOP.COM.

Without wasting any time. So, here you go, some pictures of my copy of 2NE1’s 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” DVD and CD.

2NE1 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” CD

2NE1 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” DVD

I didn’t take pictures of the POSTERS because too lazy to open them from the tube. If you’re wonder how the posters look like and how exciting are the DVD and CD, get them now! You won’t regret it. This is the way to support 2NE1! Make sure you get the ORIGINAL…




Where to buy the DVD? Try the websites below!

~ by ygnxgeneration on January 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “[Admin] 2NE1 1st Live Concert “NOLZA” DVD + CD”

  1. where can i get this?

  2. I got this not long ago. Watched it. I’ve no idea why the DVD doesn’t include CL’s solo in it. And Minzy’s dancing part with Taeyang. Is it the same with yours too? Mine is Malaysian Version of 2ne1 Nolza DVD

    PS: do reply to my email jasmyn.pang@gmail.com

    • CL’s solo performance was not included because of copyrights – she used music of Nicki Minaj, and YG would have to pay for it in order to release it on DVD or CD. Very unfortunate, because the solo was great… ):
      I assumed Minzy’s solo was on the DVD, though! Maybe there’s a difference between the Malaysian and Korean version indeed, but her solo performance (with TaeYang) is on the Korean version, I’m sure. But you could try searching it on YouTube to watch it. Good luck!

  3. Is that the NOLZA DVD? Or you bought also the CD?

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