2NE1 visiting a hospital

Dara shared a photo of herself and fellow 2NE1 members visiting children at a hospital, and stated, “I went to the children’s unit at Severance Hospital with our members. We met adorable babies and greeted them, and signed things. They were so adorable and we were so glad to meet them.. but we couldn’t only smile.. it was so upsetting seeing little babies so sick.. All of you! I want to see you get healthy, run around and play, and come see our concerts!!!”

Netizens commented, “2NE1 is so caring!” and “Dara unni, you have such a kind heart.” I’ll have to agree with these comments, but it also must be hard seeing children in a hospital… But it’s great 2NE1 is willing to visit them, I’m sure they cheered up the children, even if it’s only a little bit. We’d like to wish the children to get well soon… Thanks again, 2NE1! ^^

Source: allkpop & Dara’s me2day

~ by Lynn on January 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “2NE1 visiting a hospital”

  1. Dawww! Dara-unnie is so kind!!!!!

  2. Hey, I have a slight cold! Does that mean they’ll visit me? xD! I wish 😛

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