2NE1’s Summary of 2011!

Let us remind you what a great year 2011 was for 2NE1!
Let’s start at 2NE1’s releases last year.

Just when 2011 started, YG Entertainment announced 2NE1 would be releasing a new mini-album. Firstly, the single Lonely would be released along with a music video. We’ve been waiting eagerly until the release and speculations were made because of the teasers being released and photos being taken on the filming set. Soon after, 2NE1 released their single Lonely on May 11th. A great success followed right after, having topped the music charts with a number 1 spot for weeks. Two other versions (acoustic and reggae) of Lonely were to be released, 20th of May, in case you didn’t know yet!

I Am the Best
This single was probably the most successful and famous one of all. Releasing the MV did not go all smoothly; YG Entertainment revealed that we had to wait a bit longer in order to show us a high quality MV. Disappointment followed, but when the MV was released it was all forgotten. It was definitely worth the wait! End of June (27th) the single and MV were finally released. I Am The Best topped the music charts on the number 1 spot for weeks and became one of the most popular songs of the year. It also got many recognition overseas, being the song that described 2NE1 best!

Hate You & Ugly
During July this pack of songs were released. Hate You was released the 20th of July, wherafter Ugly followed 27th of July. Especially Ugly received lots of attention. A description by YG: “The strong guitar riff carries this song’s mood throughout the entire song, with a mix of rock and elec. Ugly is the perfect addictive summer song which has refreshing chorus melody!” Right they were, because Ugly became a great success in South-Korea. The song also proved that 2NE1 is only human too, it enables fans to relate to them better. I think it’s a good step towards connecting with fans even better.
I personally love Hate You a lot too, even though it was a bit less popular than their other songs. The base immediately captured a place in my heart. This song is very different from their previous songs in my opinion. I love its refreshing and new melody, the strong lyrics and the great use of instruments. In my opinion, one of the best works by Teddy! Did you know Teddy originally wanted to call the song Fuck You?

MTV Iggy
Especially 2NE1’s music has been standing out so much in this industry. 2NE1 is completely different – badass, swaggy, daring, creative, arty and blinking of being so new all the time. Trendsetting! 2NE1 gained attention worldwide, which I think was caused by several things: their music, their fashion and their attitude. Therefore, 2NE1 was nominated on a worldwide music award: MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World. Another big achievement for 2NE1, was winning the award and being 2011’s Best New Band in the World!

Going global
Winning the award brings us to the next subject; 2NE1 went partly global this year. They started their debut in Japan which is still going on today, and they are working on a US debut album with Will.i.am. 2NE1 also received a lot attention in Hollywood; Kat Graham, Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) and more Americain celebrities mentioned 2NE1 in interviews and showed their fondness.

2NE1TV Season 3
Last year we also got to see 2NE1 on a new season of 2NE1TV – Season 3 was on! This time with English subtitles, which allowed international fans to see a bit of 2NE1’s personal and professional life, too. We’ve been enjoying 2NE1TV as always; it’s funny (hilarious ^^) and very interesting to see how 2NE1 live their lives. We’ve seen 2NE1 working together with Will.i.am in Las Vegas (find some sounds of their songs here), going on holidays, performing their new mini-album, going through their success and last but certainly not least, we’ve seen 2NE1 preparing their first own concert. NOLZA! (= let’s play!) This brings us to the next subject, once again.

2NE1’s very first solo concert was held in 2011! It took place in Olympic Hall, at Olympic Park in Seoul. Two concerts were planned; one at 27th and one at 28th of August. But after the tickets being sold out in 3 hours, YG Entertainment decided to add another date. The girls certainly felt worried and nervous on 2NE1TV since it was their very first concert since their debut. Filming was not allowed, but you can find videos on YouTube to see a bit of the concert. All 2NE1 members got to perform a solo stage and were highlighted in their own way. I personally can’t stop watching CL’s solo performance! Also, if you weren’t there like me, consider buying the live concert CD or DVD on YesAsia or YGeShop. ^^

All in all, 2NE1 had a great year. They’ve been successful, gained global attention, got to work together will Willi.am, got to perform their solo concert and probably developed personal changes. They made us BlackJacks very happy last year! Also thanks to Dara, Bom and Minji who would always keep us up to date by using social media. They also regurarly upload photos or videos of CL so we’d still know how she’s doing too. ^^

We’ll eagerly be waiting for 2NE1’s activities this year. (:

Thank you, 2NE1!


~ by Lynn on January 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “2NE1’s Summary of 2011!”

  1. I like Hate You a lot. too bad it wasnt as famous as I am the best or lonely, but definitely Hate You is one of the songs from the album that years from now will still be appreciated.
    It’s like Stay Together from their first album, wasnt promoted but one of those songs you wont get tired of listening from because it is good.

    • I agree ^^ I liked ‘Stay Together’ (and ‘In The Club’!) a lot too, from the previous album. It wasn’t as appreciated as their other songs, but maybe that’s because those songs are less focused on pop.
      I like all of 2NE1’s songs, but all in their own way :3 I just appreciate it they’re not one-sided; proving that by releasing songs like ‘Hate You’ and ‘Stay Together’ next to their pop songs.

  2. i super duper love them evrsince dy dbuted last 2009. im so proud of dz group 4 evrything dat dy acomplish. fighting!:)

  3. 2NE1 continue to be at the roof of fire of success. Aja aja 2NE1!! Sarang hae nuna eke

  4. nice pic..

  5. I also like ‘Hate u’ as much as I.M.T.B…2ne1,u made many smash hits for 2011…I will support forever..and ever…fighting for 2012!!

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