2NE1 ‘Best New Band of the Year’ at Japan Record Awards

As if winning Best New Band in the World wasn’t enough yet, 2NE1 has been honoured with the title of Best New Artist of the Year at the Japan Record Awards on December 30th! According to local media reports, the decision to bestow this award upon them was made by the Japan Composer’s Association.

2NE1 made their Japanese debut less than six months ago, and during the rehearsal for the awards show, the group expressed their great excitement for winning such a prestigious award, “We are so happy that we have been honored with such an amazing award, although we’ve only been active in Japan for a short while. In the future, we’ll do out best to keep coming back to the Japan Record Awards.”

2NE1 is currently busy preparing for their performance to be held later at the awards show, which they described as “full of feminine charms”. Can’t wait to see what the performance will hold!

2011 has certainly been an amazing year for 2NE1. With two Best New Artist awards (one in New York and one in Japan) and a number of highly successful releases, BlackJacks are highly anticipating what the new year as in store for the quartet. But who isn’t? 😀

Source: gokpop

~ by Lynn on December 30, 2011.

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