2NE1 Dara Gives Kisses To The Gold!

This week has been a busy week for 2NE1, after attending the 2011 MAMA Asian Music Awards and winning more than one award.
Song of the Year‘ for “I Am The Best” and the Best Group Vocal Performance Award for “Lonely“.

Soon after winning 2NE1s Dara took to her me2day account and took a snap shot of her kissing one of the awards given to 2NE1.
Above the photo,

 “Aigoo..^^;;; I was dead tired! Ha, I did things here and there all day, and I’m embarrassed to take a picture of my face ㅠ But I wanted to thank everyone! Today the four of us came to the festival excited! Had a lot of fun! We were happy to see Will.I.Am Oppa +.+ and felt the happiness while performing on stage again! 2NE1 Let’s Play! ^0^”.

Following Netizen commenting

“Unnie~Congratulations 2NE1♥BLACKJACK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, “2NE1 congratulation! For me you are the BEST! The performance was SO COOL! Goodnight Dara onnie!”, “good night and have a safe trip back!!! ^^ 2NE1 jjang!!!”.

~ by LeoLoveChu on December 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “2NE1 Dara Gives Kisses To The Gold!”

  1. HAHA!i already have the picture!CONGRATS 2NE1 SO PROUD OF YOU! Chukhahaeyo! 2NE1!!!!!SARANGHE!

  2. 2ne1 is truly amazing. They have been my favorite group for a while now and I’m American. I’m so proud that they are coming to perform in NYC and I wish them all the success in the world.

  3. wow nice congrats. you really are good,so keep doing it yor really great

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