Dara took picture of 2NE1’s trophy of “2011 Melon Music Award”

2NE1 won the ’2011 Top 10 Artist Award’ at the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘.

Not long after, the group’s ‘Communications Director’ Sandara Park revealed a photo of their award through her me2day. She expressed,

“Ahh~!! A Top 10 Melon Music Award!!! We received this nice and warm trophy! ^0^ Clap clap clap!!! Thank you so much~!!! We’re sad we couldn’t attend [the award show]!ㅠㅠ We just finished performing at Kobe’s Best Hit Song Festival~ we did a good job on stage! Ah~! Today we received so much love from Blackjacks~! Even if we don’t eat, we’re full from everyone’s love!^0^ ah!”.

Later on, she heard that 2NE1 won the  ’2011 Album of the Year’ award, which prompted her to exclaim, ” Oh..My..Go..D!!! 0.0 Bam Ratatata! Tatatatata!!! We received Melon’s album of the year award?!?ㅠ.ㅠ ohh..ohh..!!! Ahh~! This award! I dedicate this award to our 5th 2NE1 member Teddy, who is like a God! He always gives us great songs, so all the thanks and congratulations goes to Teddy oppa!^0^”.

Netizens commented, “2NE1 forever!”, “You guys really, truly deserved this”, and “Now you can really say that ‘I Am The Best’ kekeke“.

Source + Image: Sandara’s me2day + allkpop


~ by ygnxgeneration on November 26, 2011.

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