2NE1 Takes Times Square – December 12th 2011 [UPDATED]

2NE1 concert

On December 12th 2011 , 2NE1 heads to Times Square for their first concert in America.

That’s right Blackjacks, after winning MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World 2NE1 has agreed to debut in America in Times Square to spread the word. Times square has been called the “crossroads of the world” and the “center of the universe”, and what better way to expose themselves to America than to go to the epicenter?

2NE1 will be headlining the concert of course, and other Iggy finalists will also be performing in Times Square as well as other locations around Manhattan. So if you live in the New York area, go see 2NE1! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this day, I know I have. Hopefully this will be the start of many American 2NE1 performances. 2NE1 in their Best New Band interview also acknowledged their fans around the world, primarily in Europe and South America, they may be seeing you guys soon too!

Thank you to my fellow BlackJacks for making this happen, supporting our favorite group so they could have this chance to expand their horizons, we still have much more of the world to take over though.

On another note- MTV is hosting a meet and greet with 2NE1 as well, a contest where you can give a good reason as to why you should be one of the lucky 5 to win, there was a link on 2NE1’s Facebook for it but it is no longer there. I’m searching for it still, as soon as I find it (or another editor) I (or they) will have the link for entry posted.

If you’d like to attend, you can fill out this form. It’s free and you can submit your entry as many times as you like. Today (6th of December) is the last day it’s possible to do so! (source)



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13 Responses to “2NE1 Takes Times Square – December 12th 2011 [UPDATED]”

  1. I just booked my ticket to new York just to go see them! So excited but I need more info about the concert! Like times and other venue places. Do u know If the meet and greet is public or only for the 5 winners? There’s like no info on mtviggy.com

    • really disappointed to know that this NYC concert is not opened to the public. I was pretty sure anyone could attend if they bought tickets, but you have to be selected in order to attend? What would it take for mtv to actually select my entry. this sucks….

    • Where do you get the tickets?

      • you have to be selected by mtv iggy to attend the concert, which sucks. they’re only selected about 5000 people and you have to fill out the form on mtviggy.com

  2. i want to see 2ne1 nolza on youtube

  3. OMG!>>> *I AM THE BEST VOICE* I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE DEBUTING HERE(USA) SO SOON.!! D: bout to call my brother to c if me n my frens can go to NYC n stay wit him fa a wk for this.!! thanks bunches for this blog!!

    peace out to my fellow blackjacks!

  4. yay! the awesomest chicks on planet earth r coming to NY!! all though i probably wont go ill still be happy to know they r in my country and in my state ❤ kisses to 2NE1!

  5. I’m happy some of you are able to go! That’s great. I wish I could but I’m 700 miles away 😥

  6. wow 2ne1 go into the world i’m really happy and wand to enjoy too but it s far

  7. Im so happy!!!!

    • me to so excited but Do you know the time and place they show ? i really want to know if know please tell me.

  8. Where do you buy tickets? I’ve been looking all over! Please help 😦

    • I’ve been trying to figure this out for people as well. When I get on my laptop tonight ill check. Hard to do from a phone >_<

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