[Vote for 2NE1] Calling out all Blackjack for 2011 MAMA

We are calling out all Blackjacks from around the world to vote 2NE1 for 2011 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA). This year award will be held in Singapore and 2NE1 is going to be there! Waking up all Blackjack to keep voting for 2NE1. They are nominated for “The Best Female Group’,’The Best Dance Performance’, ‘The Best Vocal Performance’, ‘Song of the Year’, and ‘Artist of the Year’.

Voting has been opened from 1st November 2011(Tues) PMG (GMT+9), it will be closed on 25th November 2011 (Fri) PMG (GMT +9).

The registration for Mnet is very simple because everything is in English but just in case i still want to post tutorial right here.

Tutorial #1 :

Go to http://global.mnet.com/index.m

#2 :

Click the “Sign Up” (Highlighted in Yellow on the image)

#3 :

Fill in necessary spaces or you can log in using your twitter or facebook account.

#4 :

After you already registered, you will receive an email for the “Certification Number”. There will be a link for the next step. Put the “Certification Number” at the space and click “Confirm”.


Confirmation of “Certification Number”

#6 :

Click the 2011 MAMA icon on your right above and you can start voting.

~ by ygnxgeneration on November 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “[Vote for 2NE1] Calling out all Blackjack for 2011 MAMA”

  1. I’m so happy to have found this site! BLACKJACKS HWAITING! Also, check this out : Wish and get your favorite poster, they have 2NE1’s poster for I Am The Best! http://www.dkpopnews.net/2011/10/giveaway-wish-and-get-your-favorite.html Hope it’s ok to mention this…
    I’m going to follow this page much more closely from now on, I’m so so happy! I’m sure you guys know about them performing in New York City in December!

  2. yes! will definitely vote…goodluck 2NE1!

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