[EVENT] 2NE1 attends photo session for ‘Jeremy Scott x Adidas’ shoes!


Back in October, we reported that famous designer Jeremy Scott would be introducing a new Adidas collection inspired by his close friends, 2NE1.

The fierce foursome made an appearance today at the Adidas Original store in Myundong, Seoul for a photo session event introducing the ‘JS Collage Wing x 2NE1‘ collection. As expected, 2NE1 wore Jeremy Scott’s fashion pieces while showing off his ‘JS Collage Wings x 2NE1′ shoes. CL and Minzy drew especial attention with their radical change in hairstyles.

As mentioned previously, the ‘JS Collage Wings x 2NE1′ shoes has elements derived from 2NE1′s music, character, fashion style, and individual member qualities. In order to express the mix-and-match style unique to 2NE1, Jeremy Scott decided to incorporate the use of the collage technique.

Meanwhile, ‘JS Wing 2.0 Satin is made of pure white satin material and decorated with wings to evoke an angel design.

Check out the photos from the session below!




cl & minzy


dara & bom






~ by vipforever on November 1, 2011.

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