[Admin] We are back!

I(Tash) am finally back from a very long hiatus. Lots of you have been waiting for my comeback and can’t wait the hiring session!

I am back from finals, and now i am ready to get this site going. First, we are going to start changing our theme for the site. So, please give us time to change it. Have to discuss with Jewels about it. Then, we will proceed to recruiting members to join YGNXGENERATION. Aren’t you Blackjack excited?

YG Family is going through a tough time now but that won’t stop us from supporting them and give love to them. We have to be strong for them. So, that they know that we will always be there for them. Shout out to them to “Stay Strong”!!!

Okay, now Blackjack, Just wait for us to put “Recruiting” sign on our site. Then you all can apply it! For sure there will be an interview session with applicants.

Ciao, for now!



~ by ygnxgeneration on October 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “[Admin] We are back!”

  1. You Are So Welcome Guys,

  2. ^_^

  3. I’m very happy youre back…but you scared me with saying ” YG family is going through a hard time” what’s wrong O_o ????!

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