[NEWS] Expectations are high for 2NE1’s first concert!


2NE1, the girl group that set new bars by hitting number 1 with all 5 singles that they released this year, will hold their first concert since their debut. Their free-flowing performances and flashy outfits equipped with trendy music has built an expectation from music fans matched by no other with the arrival of their first concert.

With plans to debut in Japan in September, 2NE1 is busy preparing for the concert. Star News was able to take a sneak peak at their first 3-day long concert, “Nolza”.

As it is their first mega-scale concert since their debut, 2NE1 has been busy preparing through rehearsals. Although most concerts’ rehearsals usually begin 2 days before the concert date, 2NE1 has scheduled rehearsals a week before the concert date.

On August 24th, a staff member from YG Entertainment spoke with Star News and stated, “We rented out the concert venue for rehearsal so we could best match the same environment as the concert. The time invested in preparation is described by the members’ passion for the upcoming concert”.

The stage will have various colors to bring out the individualistic nature of 2NE1.

A large, vivid HD screen will be prepared for the audience seated farther away, and a T-shaped stage will be prepared for the audience to communicate the members of 2NE1 even closer, as well as a surprise event in the seats. Special outfits have been made and prepared as well.


But what the fans are most anxious for is 2NE1’s music.

The staff member continued, “Not to mention all of 2NE1’s hit songs throughout their career, never seen before individual performances from the members will also be showcased… There will also be a surprise performance to demonstrate 2NE1’s musical growth. This concert will prove 2NE1’s true worth”, promising expectations. However, the staff member didn’t divulge any specific details.

There will be delightful guest performers, too. YG Entertainment’s senior artists, G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang, as well as Park Myung Soo, are set to appear to put on exciting performances.

The hit collaboration song of G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo, “I Cheated“, from MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” will be performed at the concert. As both celebrities are busy with their schedules, it will be a rare stage where they will get to perform the song together.

Park Myung Soo will also put on a collaborative performance with Sandara Park. The two will be remixing the former collaborated song, “Naengmyun”, by SNSD’s Jessica and Park Myung Soo, and give it a Sandara Park flavor.

The three day concert will take place from August 26th to August 28th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Source: Star News via Nate + AKP



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