Details on 2NE1 second mini album

YG Entertainment updated their ‘YG-life‘ blog today with some exciting details about 2NE1’s new mini-album!

According to the update, the girls will drop their second mini-album on July 28th. Check out the translation below for more:

We will officially be releasing 2NE1’s second mini-album on July 28th.

The album will include six songs in total: four previously-released singles and two brand new songs.
Of the two new tracks, “Hate You” will be released a week earlier, on July 21st.

– Track List –
1. I Am The Best (Lyrics, Arrangement & Composition: Teddy)
2. Ugly (Lyrics, Arrangement & Composition: Teddy) **TITLE TRACK**
3. Lonely (Lyrics: Teddy / Composition: Teddy, e. knock / Arrangement: Teddy)
4. Hate You (Lyrics, Arrangement & Composition: Teddy) **SUB TRACK**
5. Don’t Cry (Lyrics & Composition : Teddy, Lydia Paek / Arrangement : Teddy)
-Bonus Track-
6. Don’t Stop The Music (Lyrics & Composition : e. knock / Arrangement : Choi Pil Gang)

> About the new track, “Hate You”…

“Hate You”, the new single that will be released on July 21st, actually has an interesting story behind it.

This song was originally scheduled to be released last September with 2NE1’s first full album, but due to the song’s inappropriate title/lyrics, we decided that it would be best to hold off for the time being.

The original title for “Hate You” was actually “Fu** You”, and we were being cautious because Minzy was still a minor at the time of the song’s inital pending release; also, we did not want to negatively influence in any way the teenage fans who listen to 2NE1. We worked to try and change the song’s title and lyrics, however, there were no substitute words that carried the same emotions as the original, and therefore we decided to postpone the release of the track for an undetermined amount of time.

These situations rise from time to time when working in this field, but in this particular case, this was a song the entire group was really excited about, and so due to their never-ending requests to release the track, we have modified the song’s title to “Hate You” and have added it to their new mini-album.

The MV for “Hate You” was produced by pop graphic artist, Mari Kim, who transformed the 2NE1 girls into hip animation characters. The teaser for the MV is scheduled to be released on Monday July 18th at 12AM (KST), and the full MV will be released with the track itself on the 21st.

> “Ugly”, the mini-album’s title song…

The strong guitar riff in this piece sets the mood and pretty much carries throughout the entire song.
This is an upbeat, fast track with a mix of Rock & Elec, and is about being openly honest with our outward appearances, no matter how “Ugly” we may seem.

The track is the perfect addictive summer song; it’s got a refreshing chorus melody that’s by the talented CL. Taking into consideration that K-Pop is gaining international fans all over the world, we’ve decided to sing the chorus in English.

Financially speaking, we have invested more on this MV than any other 2NE1 MV thus far.

The MV for “Ugly” was directed by Director Han Sa Min, and it is scheduled to be released on the 28th along with the album.

> 2NE1 & Mari Kim

We wanted to do something unique with the new mini-album jacket, and so we called in Mari Kim, whose work we’ve always admired. After frequently meeting with her and discussing our ideas, Mari Kim offered to not only take on the mini-album jacket project, but also directed the MV for “Hate You”.

Although she may be a new face in Korea, she is no stranger to famous pop-artists overseas. To name just a few projects, Mari Kim has taken part in designing Andrew Warhola’s ‘Velvet Underground‘  album, as well as Julian Opie’s 10-year anniversary album, ‘Blur‘. Not to mention that she’s collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create their ‘Murakami’ line of accessories, and also worked with Kanye West on his ‘Graduation‘ album.

The release of Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” in April began our introduction to 2NE1’s new material for this year, and we would like to end by letting you know this mini-album will not be the last of it. We ask you to continue your loyal support for their new mini-album and upcoming promotions. Thank you.

– 2011. 07. 15. FROM YG

Source + Image: YG LIFE BLOG

Credit : allkpop


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  1. It was supposed to be ‘fuck you’? Wow. That’s too much. Haha. Not so innocent after all! Hahaha

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