[NEWS] 2NE1 to make their debut in Japan with a mini-album!


Today, it was announced that Korean girl group, 2NE1, would start releasing their three new songs on July 20th. It was also revealed that this group will make their CD debut with their new mini-album (current title unknown) on September 21st!

For their debut in Japan, the girls will gradually release various musical materials as part of their ‘countdown’. Firstly, on the 20th, 2NE1 will release their popular single, “I AM THE BEST” through Recochoku (a Japanese music distribution site for downloading songs to cell phones or PC). Afterwards, they’ll continue to release their other songs on August 10th and August 31st, before releasing their mini-album on September 21st.

Back in March, the popular girl group was supposed to debut in Japan for the first time with their single, “Go Away”. But during their stay on the 31st floor of a hotel, the earthquake struck. Since an earthquake occurs rarely in Korea, the members were severely shocked by the event and returned to their home country. At that time, they were in no condition to return to Japan due to the fear and terror they experienced from the disaster.

However, they kept on giving encouraging words of support to their Japanese fans through the internet by stating, “We want to cheer up Japan.” The leader of the group, CL (20) expressed, “As we have experienced the same shock and terror of the earthquake, we feel close and familiar to the fans. This time, we want to make our stage in Japan a fun place.” They’ve also announced that they’ve already made plans to go to Japan. During this trip, they will appear on television programs and other activities for their debut, as originally scheduled before the earthquake.

Good luck, girls!

Source: Daily Sports + allkpop



~ by vipforever on July 8, 2011.

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