[me2DAY] 110626 DARA: “End of the recording!”


사녹끝!!!비맞고 기다리느라 수고했어요!^.*그래도 우리랑 오랫동안 같이있어서 좋았나요..?^^;;첨에 응원들을때 초큼 오그라들긴했지만 완전 좋았어요!ㅋㅋ랙잭 제일잘나가!아 글구 더기 오늘 같이놀러왔어요!꽈~연!더기랑 난 친해질수잇을것인가?퉤니원티비로 확인하세용!이히히

End of the recording!!! Everyone worked hard, waiting in the rain for us! ^.* Still, wasn’t it nice being together with us for so long..?^^;; When I first heard the fan chants, I thought it was a bit cheesy but I really liked it! Ke ke Blackjacks are the best! Ah, also Dougie came to play today! In the~ end! Will I be able to get close with Dougie? Please tune into 2NE1 TV to find out! Ehehe

source: ygladies



~ by vipforever on June 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “[me2DAY] 110626 DARA: “End of the recording!””

  1. Um, sorry if this is a stupid question… but who’s Dougie?

  2. haha i’m also asking the same question.. do u mean Doggie… is it her dog?? i thought she’s scared of dog.. LoL if i’m not mistaken…

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