[NEWS] 2NE1’s music video for “I Am The Best” delayed!


In what must be disappointing news for Blackjacks everywhere, YG Entertainment has decided to delay the release of the music video for 2NE1’s comeback title, “I Am The Best“.

According to an official YG blog post, the reason behind the delay is to ensure a higher-quality video. “The problem was that we had set the bar too high,”

YG said. “We spent more than twice the amount of money we had spent on previous videos, and the scale of the video grew larger than expected, which lengthened the post-production time.”

The music video will now be released two or three days later than its expected June 24th release date.

source: ALLKPOP



~ by vipforever on June 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “[NEWS] 2NE1’s music video for “I Am The Best” delayed!”

  1. I am soooooo sad to hear it!
    Hope the delay is not very long!

  2. K
    hehe mghihintay ako khit gaano ktgal ^^

  3. I’ll just wait … YG Entertainment just want their viewers to be satisfied .. right?

    LOve love 2ne1

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