[NEWS] 2011 2NE1 1ST CONCERT: 2NE1’s first ever concert details!

[Announcement] 2NE1’s first solo concert announcement!!

Hello this is YG Entertainment.
After their debut, this is the their first ever solo concert!!
A fantasy-like stage that makes the hearts of fans flutter with their true talent and singing abilities!!

Finally it’ll be this coming August!!
3 years after their debut, we are hosting 2NE1’s first ever solo concert at the Olympic Hall.

With their live talent, as seen through their hits ‘Clap your Hands’, ‘Go Away’, ‘Can’t Nobody’, ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘Lonely’, etc. that have swept away the charts, and along with the nation’s best directors
They will be having dynamic stages that have never been done before by other girl groups, and we are planning to really heat up the concert hall.

August, 2011!
More amazing and passionate than you can imagine, you mustn’t miss this fantasy-like stage !

Please refer to the bottom for the full details.

★ Concert details ★

– Concert name: 2011 2NE1 1ST CONCERT
– Date: August 27th, 2011 at 6PM (Saturday), August 28th at 7pm (Sunday)
– Location: The Olympic Hall inside the Olympic Park
– Ticket price: Seats 88 000 Won (Tax included)
– Host/Supervisor: YG Entertainment

★ Ticket Open Announcement ★
– Ticket Reservations: Gmarket Only (www.gmarket.co.kr)
– Inquiry Line: 1566-5702
– Reservation Open Date: Thursday July 7th, 2011 at 8PM
* For the full details, we will be releasing a second announcement later.

We hope that everyone will show their support and interest for
2NE1’s first ever concert which will be packed full of heat.

Thank you.

Source: YG-2NE1
Translated by: GEE @YGLadies.com



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