[me2day] ‘Not the Best’ G-Dragon is sad beside ‘The Best’ Sandara!

gdragon & dara

Looking forward to 2NE1’s comeback, member Dara revealed a photo taken with Big Bang’s G-Dragon at the music video filming set of their new song, “I’m the Best“.

On her Me2day on June 18th, she posted a photo with the caption, “Our CEO, Teddy oppa, Kush, Jiyongie who’s come to support us at the I’m the Best~ music video set! Warm YG family, who constantly comes to cheer us on since ‘Fire’! Because of you guys, we can pull our strength up for the tiring and hard overnight filming! ^0^ I’m not sleepy~!!! Ke Even though it’s written that he’s not the best, a photo with the actual best~ GD!”

In the photo, G-Dragon is shown making a glum face while holding a sheet that says, “I’m… not the best”, while Dara is sporting a funky hairstyle and holding a piece of paper written, “I’m the very best.”

Source & Photo: OSEN via Daum + allpop


~ by vipforever on June 19, 2011.

One Response to “[me2day] ‘Not the Best’ G-Dragon is sad beside ‘The Best’ Sandara!”

  1. i love daragon 🙂

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