Minzy wants you to name 2NE1’s 1st Concert

2NE1’s Minzy is tweeting. Will you mention her? On June 15th, the sexy dancer of one of K-Pop’s top girl bands tweeted a message to her Filipino and entire Blackjack nation about a possible name for the band’s very first solo concert. She addressed Pinoy’s first, and then she proceeded with the following message and image:

“Tell me What would be a good tittle for our concert?!”

What name would you choose? Here are some examples via the Blackjack tweeters:

 “2ne1 Nolja! or Let’s Party! or Let’s Play! or The Royal Ace Party! (doesn’t need to have the word concert or show at the end just as as long as its catchy and the name can be used every year like oppas’ Big Show! ^^”  – jtodaekz

“2NE1: THE NEW EVOLUTION OF 21st CENTURY !!!!!!” – 21_Fresh

“It should be called ” At your own risk” 2ne1’s First concert!!!” – UmisWonderland

Be apart of history in the making, and tweet your name today!

Twitter:  @mingkki21

Credit: 2NE1’s soompi



~ by ygnxgeneration on June 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Minzy wants you to name 2NE1’s 1st Concert”

  1. “At your own risk: 2ne1’s first concert” has a ring to it…I like it.

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